How To Automatically Export Evernote To PDF For Real Estate Agents

Why do real estate agents use PDF?

PDF is one of the most commonly-used document formats for real estate agents. For an electronic document to be considered legally-binding in a court, it must be created in a file format that cannot be altered without leaving an electronic footprint. It's also very portable and user-friendly. It can quickly be shared with others, printed, and edited without any major hassle.

PDF can be created as a "read only" document that cannot be edited in any way without leaving an electronic footprint. PDF meets all legal requirements in a court of law. It also has high compression, and requires no expensive software to view, as the software is free.

Document security is always a concern to real estate agents, and PDF document security meets all legal security requirements by requiring a password at the document level. Then the document can be freely shared without fear of unauthorized viewing. Of course you should always create a strong password. 


How To Integrate SharePoint And Box For Real Estate Agents

Many professional real estate agents use SharePoint because the brokerage they work for is using the Microsoft suite of tools, and SharePoint is installed for all users. It is specifically designed to give enterprise companies and individual professionals a secure place to store, organize, share and access information from almost any device. There are several SharePoint tools including SharePoint Online, SharePoint Designer and SharePoint Workspace, and each has its own unique purpose that can help real estate agents manage their files and communicate with their peers in a more efficient manner.

Real estate professionals use Box because it is simple-to-use and it offers enterprises and professionals a secure place to store files, collaborate over files and documents, and share files and documents in real-time. Box is one of the more appealing cloud providers for real estate agents, as its security is at the highest level, and it meets the security standards of both HIPPA and HITECH. 


How To Use cloudHQ For Real Estate Agents

CloudHQ is one of the most popular data replication services which many small businesses and professionals use for consolidation, collaboration and backup. It may sound complicated, but actually cloudHQ is VERY simple to use, and it's completely automated, so you can simply set it and forget it, and cloudHQ handles the rest. But what exactly does cloudHQ do? And how can cloudHQ help us real estate agents?


Transaction Management Made Easy For Real Estate Agents

Transaction management for real estate agents can be frustrating, especially if you don't have an assistant to help you organized. There are many tools available on the internet that can help make transaction management more efficient. Basecamp, Google Drive and cloudHQ are just a few of such tools. By using these three powerful cloud services, real estate agents can take control of transaction management and become more organized, saving time and money, and ensuring that you always have access to your files no matter what happens.


How To Sync Gmail And Evernote For Real Estate

Millions of small businesses and individual professionals use Gmail as their business email, and this includes a high number of real estate professionals.  The benefits of Gmail are very appealing for real estate agents as it is free, easily integrates with other Google services such as Google Apps, Google Docs, Google Drive, and many others. And of course, as we have mentioned in previous articles, Evernote is a real estate agents main tool. It can be used for taking quick notes and snapshots, document creation and editing, and simple searching with the superior benefits of Evernote's tagging system. Unfortunately, these two useful tools do not play nice with each other. But cloudHQ is like the glue that binds them together. This is extremely useful for keeping Gmail emails and attachments perfectly organized in Evernote, as well as having your Evernote notes, photos and other files in Gmail for simple sharing.


How To Sync Dropbox And Sharepoint For Real Estate Agents

Many real estate agents use Sharepoint for various reasons—some use it because it is corporate-grade and professional, some use it because it's backed by Microsoft, others use it because all of their coworkers or other real estate agents use it, and some use it because it's what they are experienced in using. Sharepoint helps real estate agents connect with other professionals (coworkers, other real estate agents, investors, homebuyers, sources, etc.) and helps them engage with these people, share ideas and practically reinvent the way they deal with homebuyers. It also makes it simple to organize transaction files and other business-related aspects such as cost-management, risk-assessment and time-management.

Many real estate agents also use Dropbox for their business tasks. Dropbox offers real estate agents secure cloud storage, and the simplest sharing available. So if you are a real estate agent, and you are using Sharepoint, but your client or investor is using Dropbox,cloudHQ makes it easy to sync the two services without the need for both parties to install both services on their computers or devices. 


How Cloud Technology Is Revolutionizing The Real Estate Industry

Get rid of that big, expensive office

Many real estate agents have tossed the physical office for a virtual office. This gives them more flexibility, while cutting costs and giving them more control over their work schedule. Those big bulky file cabinets around your desk, toss them too. Cloud storage is cheap, secure, and gives you anytime access to your files and documents.

  • Need to answer the phone? Use your cell phone or an answering service. 
  • Need to create appointments? Use Evernote and/or Google Calendar to stay organized.
  • Need storage for your online documents? Check out Dropbox, Google Drive and Box
  • Need document management? Google Apps has you covered. 
  • Need to take notes and/or photos on-the-go? Evernote is the best.
  • Need to integrate multiple cloud services or back up your files? Check out cloudHQ


How To Create An Online Database For Real Estate Photos And Videos

When dealing with online real estate listings, visual marketing is a key feature that can quickly turn into leads for a real estate agent. Photos and videos illuminate areas of properties that sometimes just can't be explained in words. And the more photos, the better. When a homebuyer uses the internet to search for a home, they want to see every aspect of the property possible before they actually visit the property. This is where the real estate agent can create stunning listings with informative videos and photos.


Top 4 Marketing Tips For Real Estate Agents In 2014

Mobile marketing

The world has gone mobile. Yes, that's quickly turning into a cliché, but the truth is that according to a recent study "85 percent of buyers used a mobile device during the home buying process, with the majority of buyers (70 percent) accessing the Internet from their smart phones and 15 percent accessing it from their tablets."

Make sure your website is optimized for mobile use. This allows users to easily navigate your website on a mobile device. If the site is hard to navigate, slow-loading and gives errors, users will most likely click out and go a competitor's page. It's also important to optimize your real estate website due to Google search ranking penalties for websites that are not mobile-friendly.

You can make connections by having potential clients sign up for text messaging, or have your own mobile app developed to allow you to send notifications and interact with the clients to send them information and alerts.


How To Get More Organized In The Real Estate Office

As real estate agents we all know just how hard it is to stay organized. But advances in cloud computing technology have given real estate agents the tools they need to be organized, but many agents simply do not know enough about them or believe they are not technically-inclined enough to use such tools. It can be confusing when you do use some of the organizational tools as they are not typically compatible with other services. So even if you use several tools, you still end up with files and documents stored on different platforms. In this article, we will take a look at some of the top organizational tools available for real estate agents (Evernote, Google Drive and Box), and how you can utilize the unique organizational features of all of these services and still create an organized database to have all the information stored in one centralized, organized location.