Agentfolio: Zillow's New Collaborative Tool

When Zillow bought Buyfolio last October, we knew they had big plans to improve it. Zillow has recently introduced Agentfolio, which claims to streamline the entire home-buying process. Agentfolio offers services to both agents and homebuyers and maintains its focus on workflow, search, relationships, data, and ease-of-use. It allows homebuyers and agents to collaborate on various properties while simplifying the entire process. Agentfolio will "Easily manage communications between co-workers, husbands, wives and anyone else who is collaborating on a home search."

Social interaction and collaboration

While social networking has been essential for many real estate agents in their selling process, this is the most extensive integration of social media and home sales that is currently on the market. And it's not expensive. For Zillow Premier agents, the service is free. For all non-premier users, the service is available at $24.95 per month. This includes many amenities including

  • IDX listing data accessible to you and your buyers                    
  • Mobile apps for iPhone and Android                
  • Your branding in your buyers' folios and mobile apps                
  • Unlimited folios            
  • An advertising-free experience for you and your buyers            
  • A personal engagement page ( for lead capture                   
  • Real-time alerts via email and mobile push notifications
As technology continues to increase, we can expect to see more social tools such as Agentfolio to help bring agent and homebuyer closer together from the very start. The remote and mobile capabilities mean that agents can operate from wherever they may be. There is no need for an office anymore; mobile agents are quickly becoming the standard in real estate sales. With Agentfolio, agents can shop, collaborate and close deals all from their computer or mobile device. Brokers can take advantage of agent branding and Agentfolio’s lead assignment and management tools.

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