Basecamp For Real Estate Agents

Basecamp is one of the best all-around project management tools available on the web. This is quite possible the best tool to manage real estate transactions as it allows you to be in control of all aspects of the project. You can create projects and assign tasks to other users while keeping track of their actions within the project. 

How to use Basecamp in real estate

As an example, let's sell the Bower's house. You create a project and call it something like "My Listings." There is a To-Do list for each project so you can name it something like "Bower Home." Then you simply create To-Dos and assign them to certain users if necessary. Some examples would be scheduling inspectors, home repair companies, open house dates, photos, document signing and more. If you have a coworker or an assistant that's helping you, they can sign in and check the To-Do list, If they have been assigned tasks, they can complete the task and check it off.

Messages are saved under each project as well. You can make a subsection in messages and call it "Bower Messages." This will create an organized database of all communications related to the Bower transaction and this message section can be accessed by you and your team members.

Basecamp has a useful document editing feature called Writeboard. Listings, ads and other documents can be posted, accessed and edited by you or anyone else who has access to the project. Writeboard allows you to view the original version alongside the revised version for easy comparison.

There are plenty of tools available to make work easier for real estate agents but Basecamp is definitely towards the very top of that list. The useful features that Basecamp offers are unmatched for project management and this is especially true for real estate transactions and projects.

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3/12/2013 02:57:38 pm

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how can i get a base camp customized for my real estate needs?


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