How Cloud Technology Is Revolutionizing The Real Estate Industry

Get rid of that big, expensive office

Many real estate agents have tossed the physical office for a virtual office. This gives them more flexibility, while cutting costs and giving them more control over their work schedule. Those big bulky file cabinets around your desk, toss them too. Cloud storage is cheap, secure, and gives you anytime access to your files and documents.

  • Need to answer the phone? Use your cell phone or an answering service. 
  • Need to create appointments? Use Evernote and/or Google Calendar to stay organized.
  • Need storage for your online documents? Check out Dropbox, Google Drive and Box
  • Need document management? Google Apps has you covered. 
  • Need to take notes and/or photos on-the-go? Evernote is the best.
  • Need to integrate multiple cloud services or back up your files? Check out cloudHQ


Top 4 Real Estate Trends For 2014

Virtual office

Many real estate agents have already switched to the virtual office and this number should increase in 2014. The ability to work remotely is greatly increasing efficiency and productivity. It's also a huge reduction in cost as real estate agents no longer have the costs of office space rental, storage, expensive hardware, etc. Communication can be broadcast via cloud services and video messaging. Document management can be enhanced via cloud services such as Google Drive. Transaction management can be performed using cloud services such as Basecamp. Files and documents can be scanned and stored in cloud services such as Box and Dropbox. And all of this can be accomplished from any location that has internet access.


Why Use Evernote For Real Estate?

Evernote is the multi-tool of a thousand uses for real estate agents. As more real estate agents turn to mobile and remote work environments, the more they depend on enterprise cloud apps such as Evernote. Mobile real estate business is performed on a daily basis by real estate agents on the go, and Evernote is one of the most popular mobile cloud apps used by agents. Notes can be quickly jotted down as text or audio. For organization, checklists such as to-do lists can be easily set up from any computer or mobile device.


The Efficiency Of The Cloud

The cloud has revolutionized a variety of industries, including legal professionals, real estate agents, teachers, and many other business professionals, small business owners, large enterprises and even governmental departments. In the real estate industry, the cloud has been a huge part of turning agents into mobile workers, performing transactions on the go. Now agents have the flexibility to choose the locations and the hours that they work. 

The conglomeration of mobile and cloud

Mobile and cloud trends have pushed real estate technology to new heights. Now documents can be created, shared and signed from any location that has internet access. Other cloud apps allow agents to instantly share large files such as presentations and video files. Mobile apps allow agents to update blogs, websites and listings from any location as well. Real estate agents that use cloud and mobile together to perform their everyday tasks find that they can save money, as well as save time, which increases the overall efficiency of their business. 

Cloud risks

There are always risks that come with increases in availability and accessibility, and the cloud does have a few vulnerabilities that could potentially result in data loss. Accidental deletions, malicious deletion, loss of account access, and other factors can be disastrous for real estate agents that are trying to close out transactions, create contracts or update websites when suddenly all of their data disappears. 

Cloud backup offers real estate agents full protection from data loss

The cloud backup professionals at cloudHQ offer a service that allows real estate agents to back up all of their data to a separate cloud account. This replication is automated, and updates instantly, as soon as changes to data are detected. All new files or revisions to existing files are instantly replicated to the backup account so that even if an unwanted incident of data loss occurs, the files can be quickly restored and the agent can instantly return to real estate duties as normal.

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Real Estate Agents In The Mobile Cloud

Real estate agents and cloud technology have been coming together over recent years to form a dynamic relationship that allows agents more flexibility, efficiency and mobility. The key to all of this is accessibility in the cloud. Having access to data anywhere you are is imperative for real estate agents, as they spend a lot of time on the go. Traveling from home to home, meeting with clients, setting up signs, taking photos, creating videos, creating websites and listings, managing real estate social media marketing, and possibly even managing real estate blogs- the real estate agent is always a busy worker. But with cloud and mobile trends exploding in recent years, real estate agents' lives have become able to be much more efficiently managed. Now agents can work remotely by using their laptops, smartphones and tablets from any location with internet access.

The mobile real estate agent

Mobility is a strong aspect of the real estate agent's work load. Sitting around in an office all day and driving around to show homes is the old way of doing business. It will still get sales, but it is far less effective than the real estate agent that has taken advantage of the latest mobile trends. Real estate cloud apps are allowing agents to get much more work finished and also helping them reach out and contact far more people than before.

The use of tablets and smartphones in the business is growing exponentially. This allows agents to work from any location with internet access, cutting out the need for a costly office and office furnishings/tools. Cloud storage providers have reduced, and even eliminated in many cases, the need for paper storage. Toss out the bulky filing cabinets and download Dropbox or Box. Documentation can be created and managed on the fly with Google Drive. Organization and note-taking can be managed with Evernote. Complete project management is available through Basecamp. The cloud is full of little tools like these that allow agents to take their entire real estate business on the road with them.

The virtual office real estate agent

Many agents have not only tossed the office gear, they have tossed the entire office. Working from mobile devices allows agents to work from a virtualized office- anywhere they wish to work. Paperwork can be scanned and stored in the cloud to help create a paperless office. Contracts, legal documents, receipts, photos- it can all be stored on cloud servers, safe from natural disasters and easily accessible from any location with internet access. Portable printers and online faxing have also helped agents throw away clunky office gear that is no longer needed.

When you commit to a virtual office, your office goes everywhere with you. You carry the tools everywhere you go, as the cloud is practically omnipotent. Accessibility is a key factor for agents moving to the cloud, and with such high availability of files and documents, agents can watch their efficiency levels rise in the mobile cloud.


Real Estate And Cloud Computing

Real estate and cloud computing together have changed the way that real estate agents operate. Smartphones and tablets have brought an array of various benefits to real estate agents. Mobile trends are now pushing real estate agents to perform most (if not all) of their work remotely. Some agents have even tossed the office and went completely remote and paperless.

The mobile real estate agent

Technological advancements in the smartphone industry have produced a slew of mobile real estate agents. With new apps and features, real estate agents can now stay on the road much longer than they could before. This makes multitasking a much easier chore as agents can now perform real estate duties as they pick their kids up from school, have lunch with friends or even while they are vacationing at the beach. Real estate websites and online listings can be managed from mobile devices, while homes can be searched from apps and websites. Nearly all aspects of the real estate business can be performed directly from a mobile device.

The paperless real estate agent

Sometimes just being a little more mobile isn't enough. Many real estate agents are kissing the office goodbye and heading out on their own. Completely paperless, agents can perform all their real estate duties through mobile and cloud computing. They can use cloud storage such as Box and Dropbox for their files and documents. They can use Evernote to take notes, photos and audio clips, as well as create to-do lists and maintain organization. Google Drive is practically a complete virtual office with the Google Docs suite of document creation and editing tools. It can also be used for file storage and sharing, and has the best collaboration features of any cloud service available.

By using these tools, real estate agents can perform all real estate duties from any location that has internet or mobile service. Documents can even be created and shared with clients. By using another app, DocuSign, documents can even be legally signed. Going paperless definitely has its advantages, and not just that agents can cut costs by not having an office and all that equipment. Time-management is a huge benefit as there is no drive to and from the office each day. Agents can actually perform their duties as they travel. By using numerous photos and video, agents can even sale some homes before the buyer has ever seen it in person or set foot on the property. But perhaps one of the greatest advantages to going paperless is that the filing cabinet is no longer relevant. Now instead of searching through paper folders and files, a simple search will find what you are looking for in seconds. Mobile and paperless both have their advantages and can save agents time and money.


Now Is The Time For Mobile

Mobile trends have exploded in recent years, resulting in a surge of remote agents in the field.  By utilizing mobile technology, agents are able to work remotely away from the office, accomplish more, be more productive, get more sales and have more time to do what they want.  But cloud technology hasn’t taken off in the real estate field as fast as it has in other industries.  One reason is because the average age of real estate agents is around 57 years old. This means that many real estate agents are either ensure about the new technology or are not interested in using it.

Going paperless using mobile and cloud

Mobile has helped many real estate agents go completely paperless.  By using cloud apps such as Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., agents can actually completely do away with their office and perform all their real estate activities from their mobile device, be it a smartphone, or tablet.  Going paperless offers more freedom; it allows agents to cut their costs, manage their transactions more efficiently, and manage their time more efficiently.  It creates a much freer schedule for real estate agents, and allows these agents the flexibility to multitask- clients can be contacted, documents can be created, signed and shared, to-do lists can be created and revised - all while performing everyday tasks such as picking up children from school, keeping appointments, lunch meetings, travel, and much more. By getting more accomplished in a faster time period, the agent has more time to get even more work accomplished, or to spend the excess time leisurely. 

How to sync cloud services for more efficiency

Going mobile and going paperless are greatly beneficial to agents as it frees up their time and saves them money. There’s even a way to make things easier. Cloud service cloudHQ offers a way for agents to sync data from one clouds service to another. This is extremely useful as different cloud services offer differing useful features. By using cloudHQ for cloud sync, agents can automatically send their Evernote notes and other files from Evernote to Dropbox or any number of other cloud services. They can automatically send documents that are created or stored on Google Drive to Dropbox or many other cloud services. This also provides a backup of all your data from one cloud service to another in case something happens to your cloud data and you don’t have a backup system in place. So cloudHQ can help real estate agents work more efficiently and also prevents data loss. Try the free 15-day trial now.


How Successful Is Real Estate In The Cloud

Real estate agents that use cloud services in their work are already assured of being more efficient at getting things done, as well as saving time and money. But are they successful when it comes to selling houses? In this article we will look at the many benefits the cloud offers to real estate agents and how it has changed the real estate industry in recent years. 

Real estate agents in the cloud

In 2006, only 60% of all real estate agents had a website. In 2012, that number had grown to 90%, although I'm not really sure how the other 10% are even surviving. Not only is a website a necessity for real estate agents these days, but also because over 75% of all homebuyers use the internet to search for property, and over 52% of all those searches came from a mobile device. So not only do you need a website, but it needs to be properly optimized for mobile. If you plan on having customers see your site, you need to do this anyway, as Google recently announced they will be penalizing websites that are not properly configured for mobile use.

In 2006, only 6% of real estate agents used a smartphone on a daily basis. In 2012, over 85% use a smartphone during their everyday activities. As mobile devices are expected to begin outselling desktop computers within the next year, mobile and cloud trends should be followed closely by real estate agents.

Real estate apps are a huge help for real estate agents in the cloud. The top real estate app, developed by, gets 20,000 home views per hour. Real estate agents are using mobile apps, and using them in a big way to attain success. 80% of the top real estate agents use some form of cloud service- file storage, CRM, mobile apps, email, etc. The cloud has changed real estate, and as it continues to transform the industry and push it forward, real estate agents in the cloud should keep up with all the latest cloud and mobile trends. Your success very well may depend on it.

How to sync cloud services together for greater efficiency

The use of cloud services can be confusing when there are so many to choose form. But cloudHQ ties them all together by allowing users to sync their data from one cloud service to the next. So if you use Evernote to jot down ideas and grab snapshots on the go, but you use Google Drive to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations, but you want everything stored in Dropbox because of its superior storage and file-sharing capabilities, cloudHQ can make all that happen. Not only that, but cloudHQ prevents any chance of data loss happening as it provides a complete backup of all data that you have stored in the cloud. When you are dealing with confidential client data, legal forms, contracts or other transaction documents, it's nice to have the peace of mind knowing that even if something happens to your data, you have a complete backup stored away in another account. It can be accessed quickly and restored in seconds, so if you experience data loss- by accidentally deleting files yourself, or by a hacker deleting your files, you can quickly restore and get back to work as though nothing happened.


The Cloud for Real Estate Agents

The real state agent that has decided to go paperless has the entire real estate world at their fingertips. There is no need to have an office anymore; the open road is all you need. If you wish to have an office to keep up appearances, that’s fine, but the necessity is no longer there. The need for big bulky file cabinets is no longer there because the cloud gives you everything you need to fulfill your storage needs. The need for a large desktop computer is no longer needed; practically all aspects of real estate transactions can be performed directly from a laptop or tablet.

Printing and legally signing documents

Need to print documents? No problem, they can be printed directly from your tablet or smartphone using cloud printing software such as Google Cloud Print. If your client lives far away and you need them to sign documents- no problem, send it to them through a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive and have them sign it using Docusign. Docusign can be used to legally sign documents.

Collaboration with clients

If you need to collaborate over documents with your clients, it's simple. You can have them drive to your office or home and sit down and talk with them. Or you can get on a cloud service such as Dropbox or Google Drive, chat with them and both of you can revise the document simultaneously.

Advantages of being a paperless real estate agent

  • You can create and maintain websites and listings from your home computer, laptop or mobile device.
  • You can make or answer phone calls from your cell phone.
  • You can create video chats to speak with clients over your home computer, laptop or mobile device.
  • You can create and maintain social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from your home computer, laptop or mobile device.
  • You can create videos of properties and post them online so clients can see the property before they actually visit it.
  • You can create, print and legally sign documents using cloud services.
  • You can share documents and photos using cloud file-sharing services.
  • You can store all your documents in the cloud for easy accessibility at any time, anywhere.
  • You can work remotely, without any centralized office location.

Protecting your files with a secure cloud backup plan

Going paperless obviously has many advantages. But when you store all these files in the cloud, wouldn't it be great to know that they were being automatically backed up to a backup cloud account? Just in case data loss was to occur, or perhaps you or a coworker accidentally delete some files or even if a hacker gets into your account and deletes files just for fun. This is where cloudHQ comes in. This leading cloud backup service provides a secure backup of whatever files or documents you wish to backup. It also runs in the background so while you are working, it doesn't interrupt you as it performs the backups. All backups are instantaneous so you never have to worry about losing any data- there are no daily, weekly or monthly backups, everything is replicated as it is created. If you add a file to the cloud it is instantly replicated. If you make revisions to a document in the cloud, it is instantly replicated. This gives you protection of all your files and documents no matter what happens.

What if your main cloud account goes offline for maintenance or other issues? Simple, you just switch to the backup cloud account and continue working uninterrupted. As soon as your main cloud service comes back online, the two accounts will sync and everything will be back to normal with no interruptions to your work. CloudHQ offers a free trial so real estate agents can see the benefits of having complete security and ease-of-mind without paying anything for 15 days. Going paperless brings you the benefits to save you time and money while cloudHQ gives you cloud protection and security.


How Does Real Estate Fare In The Cloud?

The cloud has many benefits to offer for real estate agents and many real estate brokerages have already made the move to the cloud. Real estate agents can use cloud services for email, file sharing, web hosting, mobile apps and data storage.

Recent real estate trends

Some of the trends show that around 60% of all real estate agents had a website in 2006 and by 2012 that figure had risen to 90%. Only 9% used a smartphone daily in 2006 and around 85% used one daily in 2012. There are over 2 million real estate brokers and agents and 80% of the top performers are using cloud computing in their market.

What can the cloud offer real estate agents?

The cloud offers mobility, speed and personal service. It offers mobility by providing agents with a superior method of staying in contact with the office, clients and other business contacts. It offers speed by providing cloud tools that allow personalized transactions with contact databases, social networks, CRM systems and more. Did you know you are 7 times more likely to snag a lead if you respond to the potential homebuyer's query within one hour? And the cloud offers personal service by offering the ability to respond in a quick and efficient manner to clients and business contacts. This helps enhance your business credibility, image and builds trust with your clientele.

Paperless real estate agents

Going paperless helps the environment as well. If all real estate agents were paperless during August 2012, it would have saved 591 acres of trees in that single month alone. A typical closing uses around 460 pieces of paper. That's a lot of filing, printing costs, and storage space and costs. If all work is performed in the cloud, it saves you time, space and money. The trends show that nearly all of the top real estate salespeople utilize the many benefits of the cloud for more efficient productivity.