Cloud Integration With Box In The Real Estate Cloud

Making cloud services play nice with each other can be a difficult task if you don't know the tricks of the trade. Real estate agents often use multiple cloud services and apps to perform their daily tasks, including Evernote, Google Drive and Box.

Box is one of the top cloud storage services available to real estate agents, and many prefer to use it because of the its easy access, simple interface and top-notch security. Box is HIPAA and HiTECH compliant, which makes it a strong choice for real estate agents that deal with confidential data and sensitive information.

Box has a mobile app which allows real estate agents to access their data from any mobile device, at any location that has internet access.

However, sometimes real estate agents find themselves overwhelmed by having all of their data spread out across multiple cloud services. All their notes, checklists, audio clips and photos stored on Evernote, documents and other files stored on Google Drive and large files such as videos or presentations stored on Box- it can be a confusing hassle to try to find files with such disorganization. But luckily there is one cloud service that allows real estate agents to automatically have their data sent to one centralized location (in Box). This cloud integration service is called cloudHQ and is one of the leading cloud integration services known for reliability, stability and affordability. In the sections below, we will take a look at how to integrate Evernote and Box, Google Drive and Box, and how to integrate multiple services to create a centralized database of all of your cloud files.

Integrating Evernote and Box

Evernote is a real estate agent's main tool of choice for quickly and easily taking notes, snapping photos or snagging audio clips. To setup Evernote to Box, simply sign up for cloudHQ and go to thecloudHQ wizard here. You can find the detailed instructions here, but for now, I'll give you a quick idea of how easy this is to setup.

From the sync wizard page, you will see two blank boxes towards the top of the page and a many icons of various cloud services at the bottom of the page. Look for the Evernote icon and drag it to the first box. You will be asked to authorize your Evernote account to allow cloudHQ to integrate your data, and then you will be returned to the sync wizard page. Now you will drag the Box icon to the box on the right and go through the authorization process with Box. You will only have to authorize one time for each cloud service. Once you have authorized Box, you will be taken to an options page where you can change options such as what file format you want to have your Evernote notes exported to Box in. You can choose from MS Word, PDF, TXT and Evernote format. If you would like additional formats, simply send cloudHQ an email and let them know, the cloudHQ system is very flexible and they can handle customized requests quickly and efficiently. You can also choose if you want your notes synced in real-time automatically or if you would rather sync manually.

That's all there is to it. Now all notes you create or add to Evernote will be automatically replicated to Box. All changes to existing files will be automatically replicated as well.

Integrating Google Drive and Box

Google Apps is like an office suite that follows you everywhere you go- giving you access to email, as well as the ability to create, edit, share and store documents, presentations and spreadsheets. It has the easiest and best collaboration features as well, allowing up to 50 users to collaborate and revise documents simultaneously.

You can check out the detailed instructions here, but pretty much it's the same process as described in the last section of this article. Instead of using the Evernote icon, obviously you will use the Google Drive icon this time. The rest of the process is pretty much the same. 

Integrating cloud services to create a centralized database

One of the great features of cloudHQ is that users aren't limited to a single sync pair. So if you want all of your Evernote notes to be automatically replicated to Box AND you want all of your Google Drive documents and files to be automatically replicated to box AND you want all your Gmail emails and attachments to be replicated to Box, it can happen as easily as setting up multiple sync pairs. Now you have a centralized database in Box that contains all of your emails and attachments, all of your Evernote notes and all of your documents from Google Drive! This is very useful for simple searching of files and organization.

Depending on which plan you are using, you can have up to 10 sync pairs at a time. And you can even have multiple accounts of the same cloud service. So if you want to replicate files from one Box account to another Box account, you can do that.

You can check out the cloudHQ service by activating your free 15-day free trial here. This way, you don't have to put any money down and you can decide if cloudHQ is the right fit for your real estate needs.

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