Do You Have A Solid Mobile Strategy?

There are a number of actions you should take to ensure that you are getting the most from your mobile strategy. Around 90% of all homebuyers search for homes on the internet, and many of those searches come from mobile devices. Because of the rising mobile trends, you must ensure that you have a solid mobile strategy in order to more efficiently serve your mobile customers.

Tips for improving your mobile strategy

It's important that every listing be on a mobile-friendly site in order to be viewed in mobile format by potential clients. Be sure to include the link to this mobile enhanced site on all your printed material such as brochures, flyers, signs and business cards, and include it any digital material as well, such as social media posts, website landing pages, emails and other content.

You should include a QR (Quick Response) Code on all printed material as well. This allows potential clients to scan the code with their mobile device, and then they will be sent to page which can provide them with more information about the listing. You can also create a listing card and send it to all residents in a particular area.

Back up your important client data

Your client data is confidential and they entrust you with this data. You probably have this data stored on cloud servers in order to access the data easily from your mobile device, in case you need to access it while you are traveling. But there are instances that data loss can occur, such as a malicious hacking of your account, accidental deletion by you or someone else in your office, or other situations in which data loss occurs. This is why you need a cloud backup service like cloudHQ.

The cloudHQ service provides continuous replication of all your data from one cloud service account to a backup cloud service account. This ensures that if data loss occurs, you retain a secondary copy of all data in the backup account where it can be easily and quickly restored. If your cloud storage provider's servers go down for maintenance or for other reasons, you can simply switch to the backup cloud account and continue working with your data uninterrupted. Your clients depend on you to keep their data secure and cloudHQ can help.

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