Dropbox For Real Estate Agents

Dropbox is one of the leading cloud services for data storage and sharing. Many companies and independent workers, including real estate agents, have found the benefits of using Dropbox in their trade. Here are a few of the ways that Dropbox can be used in the real estate office.

  • File Storage: Dropbox offers several plans for file storage so no matter how much storage you may need, Dropbox has a plan that will cover it. Storing data in the cloud has many benefits. Important documents can be saved in the cloud, which frees up a lot of space for unnecessary file cabinets or extra computer servers and hardware in the real estate office. Also, by storing the data in the cloud, this eliminates the risk of data loss due to fire, floods, etc. Dropbox also has a restore feature in case you accidentally delete some of your files. Worried about security? Dropbox uses strong encryption methods to ensure that your data is encrypted both during transfer and storage.
  • Accessibility: Dropbox can be accessed from anywhere, on any device including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. And because Dropbox syncs to devices, you will have an offline copy of data that can be accessed at any time. It can also be edited when there is no internet access available, and it will sync online once you have internet access again. And speaking of syncing, Dropbox automatically syncs to all devices that have your Dropbox account installed on them. If you don't want to sync all data to every device, you can pick which folders you want to sync to separate devices.
  • Direct Links: If you need to share files with other realtors, coworkers, sources, or clients, direct links can be sent to these users instead of sending the physical files to them. This way they can download and view the files when they choose, on whatever device they wish to use.
Real estate agents need all the tools they can find to help make their job easier. Dropbox is the best when it comes to sharing files quickly, storing files securely, and accessing files from any location.

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