Evernote's Amazing To-Do Lists

Evernote has been used to perform a variety of tasks within the real estate business including document creation, editing, sharing and signing. But one of Evernote's greatest features is the simple to-do list feature. You may not give much thought to your to-do list when you're using it and you may take it for granted. It's just a tool that helps keep you organized and up-to-date on everything that's happening. But whether you realize it or not, it is an important tool.

Evernote has improved to-do lists

Evernote recently added reminders to its to-do list which greatly improved the feature. Now your to-do lists are outfitted with in-app and email alarms, quick notes which are based in the to-do lists and the ability to pin notes to the top of your to-do list.

During a real estate transaction, to-do lists are a necessity to keep you organized. To-do lists ensure that you don't miss important aspects of the transaction, they ensure that you don't miss any appointments and they ensure that all steps of the transaction are completed in an orderly way. To-do list reminders are a great way to receive alerts when a necessary function must be performed. If you have an appointment to meet with a photographer to take photos of a home, you can receive a reminder. The same for inspections, document signings and more.

The ability to pin important notes to the top of your to-do list allows you to quickly see the most urgent actions that need to be performed.

Evernote can already handle practically all aspects of a transaction. With the improved to-do lists feature, it is a must-have for any successful real estate agent.

7/30/2013 08:08:33 pm

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