Going Paperless For Real Estate Agents

Going paperless has many advantages for real estate agents. The paperwork can mound up with long and complex transactions which can lead to long hours spent at the office or at home working overtime. Going paperless eliminates the need for all this paper and the work can be done on the go, from anywhere you have internet access at.

Paperless document creation and signing

Documents can be created on your mobile device, shared with the client, signed by the client using signing software such as Docusign, and if a hard copy of the document is needed, a cloud printing service such as Google Cloud Print can be used to print the documents from a mobile device, wherever you have internet access.

Paperless storage saves money

Paper storage fees add up, especially if you are a successful real estate agent with numerous transactions. Records and copies of documents must be kept, but file cabinets get full and then more must be purchased, and eventually larger office space may even be required. The cloud can be the solution to all storage needs as copies of every document can be stored in the cloud. Editing and revisions can be done while the document is stored in the cloud and replication is instant so all changes are automatically saved. Some signing software such as Docusign can be used to sign legal documents so even copies of signed legal documents can be stored in the cloud.

Going paperless saves time and money for real estate agents, especially busy agents on the go. With mobile technology reaching new heights, real estate agents can perform all of their work wherever they wish, you could practically eliminate your office to save money as well. No paper means better organization, better security and more time to concentrate on selling homes instead of the mounds of paperwork and frequent trips to and from the office.

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