Google Maps: The Ultimate Real Estate Tool?

Google Maps has a variety of features that make it perfect for real estate agents. Although Google no longer officially supports Google Maps as a real estate tool, there are still many features and functions within Google Maps that makes it a useful tool for showing homes, neighborhoods, listings and more.

Google Maps functions and features

Street View allows prospective buyers to scope out the property and surrounding area from a unique view that has been taken from the street so users can check out the home as they would see it from the street.

The Google API allows users that visit your site to browse listings and perform searches by utilizing the Google Maps innovative search function directly from your website. This allows prospective clients to perform searches and check out maps for certain areas.

Creating custom maps in Google Maps

Agents can create custom maps for differing areas and for differing reasons. Color codes can be used to specify specific areas or functions. Multiple users can collaborate together to create maps that are more efficient for all users. Maps can be used to create itineraries to be used for showing homes while other custom maps can use input data from your clients to display listings that tailor more to the clients' interests.

Google Maps certainly has many useful functions for real estate agents and conjoined with other apps that perform a variety of other relevant functions to the real estate business can make your real estate business run more efficiently while bringing in new prospective clients.

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