How Cloud Technology Is Revolutionizing The Real Estate Industry

Get rid of that big, expensive office

Many real estate agents have tossed the physical office for a virtual office. This gives them more flexibility, while cutting costs and giving them more control over their work schedule. Those big bulky file cabinets around your desk, toss them too. Cloud storage is cheap, secure, and gives you anytime access to your files and documents.

  • Need to answer the phone? Use your cell phone or an answering service. 
  • Need to create appointments? Use Evernote and/or Google Calendar to stay organized.
  • Need storage for your online documents? Check out Dropbox, Google Drive and Box
  • Need document management? Google Apps has you covered. 
  • Need to take notes and/or photos on-the-go? Evernote is the best.
  • Need to integrate multiple cloud services or back up your files? Check out cloudHQ

Secure management of files and documents

Cloud services have opened the door to online document management. Office365, Google Apps, Evernote, Basecamp, and many others provide useful tools for creating, editing, sharing and storing important documents. If you need collaboration, Google Drive provides the best around. But none of these services play well with each other. So what happens if you are working on a project in Basecamp, but you want to do some document editing in Office or Google Drive? And what if you have a large number of notes in Evernote that you would love to add to your project files in Basecamp? This is where cloudHQ can help.

CloudHQ replicates data between multiple cloud services:

  • If you want specific Evernote notes to automatically be replicated to your Basecamp project files, cloudHQ will set that up for you. 
  • If you want to collaborate on a document in Google Drive with multiple users in multiple areas, and not all of these participants use Google Drive, that's okay. 
  • CloudHQ integrates multiple services together so that you can all be collaborating on the same file at the same time, even if some people are using Google Drive, some are using Office or other services. 
  • If you are working on project files in Basecamp and want to edit them in Google Drive, cloudHQ will link the two together so that you can easily perform this. 
  • And there is two-way sync available — if you want to add documents from Google Drive to Basecamp, simply drop the documents into a shared folder in Google Drive and they will be instantly uploaded to your project on Basecamp.

Secure data storage

Documents, photos and other files are important, and it's critical that these files be accessible at all times while remaining secure. It can be an expensive lesson when an unauthorized user gains access to your account and blackmails you with data. But even worse — what of the unauthorized user that access the account deletes files, including important documents? How securely are your files backed up? Can you access the backup from anywhere, at any time? What if your cloud provider goes down for maintenance when you need to view or work on a document, will you still have access to the most current copies of your documents and other files?

What if you are meeting with clients and suddenly realize that you don't have access to your documents? Or perhaps your account was hacked and files were deleted. Or perhaps your laptop or mobile device was stolen. Or someone in your office accidentally deleted files and you didn't notice until the retrieval deadline had passed. Or perhaps your cloud account was wrongfully flagged for a violation of the ToS. All of these scenarios have happened in the past, and they have the possibility of happening again. But you don't need to let that scare you away from cloud computing. It is just as secure, if not more secure, than on-premise storage. And cloud computing keeps your files safe from natural disasters — no fire, tornado, flood or hurricane can harm your files. You just need a secure online backup. That's where cloudHQ comes into the picture.

CloudHQ works by replicating your data from one cloud service to another in order to keep a complete secondary copy of all of your files and documents. This means that no matter what happens, you will always have access to your files.

  • If your laptop or mobile device gets lost or stolen, simply login from any other device and gain instant access to all of your files. 
  • If a hacker gains access to your account and deletes important documents, simply login to the backup account and restore your files and documents. 
  • If someone in your office accidentally deletes an important document, simply login to the backup account and restore. 
  • If the cloud company wrongfully flags your account for violating the ToS, simply login to the backup account and gain instant access to all of your files. 
  • If a natural disaster occurs and wipes out all on-premise copies of your files, simply login to one of the online accounts to get instant access. 
  • If your main cloud storage provider is down for maintenance, simply login to the backup account and access your files there.

This is how cloudHQ gives you "anytime access" to your files and documents. There are virtually no scenarios where data can be lost or inaccessible when using cloudHQ. Your documents are important, and it's critical that you have access to them at ALL times. CloudHQ gives you this comfort and peace of mind that your files will always be there when you need them. Check out the free trial that cloudHQ is currently offering to see if cloudHQ is the right fit for your real estate business.

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