How Does Real Estate Fare In The Cloud?

The cloud has many benefits to offer for real estate agents and many real estate brokerages have already made the move to the cloud. Real estate agents can use cloud services for email, file sharing, web hosting, mobile apps and data storage.

Recent real estate trends

Some of the trends show that around 60% of all real estate agents had a website in 2006 and by 2012 that figure had risen to 90%. Only 9% used a smartphone daily in 2006 and around 85% used one daily in 2012. There are over 2 million real estate brokers and agents and 80% of the top performers are using cloud computing in their market.

What can the cloud offer real estate agents?

The cloud offers mobility, speed and personal service. It offers mobility by providing agents with a superior method of staying in contact with the office, clients and other business contacts. It offers speed by providing cloud tools that allow personalized transactions with contact databases, social networks, CRM systems and more. Did you know you are 7 times more likely to snag a lead if you respond to the potential homebuyer's query within one hour? And the cloud offers personal service by offering the ability to respond in a quick and efficient manner to clients and business contacts. This helps enhance your business credibility, image and builds trust with your clientele.

Paperless real estate agents

Going paperless helps the environment as well. If all real estate agents were paperless during August 2012, it would have saved 591 acres of trees in that single month alone. A typical closing uses around 460 pieces of paper. That's a lot of filing, printing costs, and storage space and costs. If all work is performed in the cloud, it saves you time, space and money. The trends show that nearly all of the top real estate salespeople utilize the many benefits of the cloud for more efficient productivity.

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