How Technology Changed Real Estate

Today's real estate agent doesn't have much in common with the real estate agent of 10+ years ago. Once upon a time people had no choice but to call a real estate agent on the phone, tell them what kind of house they were looking for and leave it to the real estate agent to find them a suitable house. Now people have access to homes on a variety of websites, they can search by area, by price, number of bedrooms, etc. And the best part- they can see photos of the house before they ever leave the house and go driving around to look at homes.

Real estate agents are going mobile

Formerly, real estate agents had nice, big offices (and some still do) but many of them now work directly from their home. All aspects of a real estate transaction can be handled from a laptop or even a tablet such as the iPad. There are even apps such as Evernote that provide all the tools to create documents, edit them, and even have them legally signed when used in conjunction with Docusign. Basecamp is the ultimate project management tool and has an array of tools that can be used to complete a real estate transaction. Everything can be completed form the agent's home or even a nearby coffee shop with wireless internet.

More freedom equals more responsibility

With the freedom to go mobile and paperless comes more responsibility over the client's confidential data. There's no need to store all these files in bulky file cabinets when the cloud offers so much cheap, secure storage. But as secure as it is, when dealing with confidential data you must always have some kind of backup plan in case the unthinkable happens and data loss occurs. This is where a secure, cloud backup service like cloudHQ comes into the picture. The cloudHQ service provides continuous replication and a secure backup of all data on a separate cloud account which ensures that you always have two copies of your data. If data loss were to occur, the other account will still hold all data and the real estate transaction can continue uninterrupted.

Technology has changed the way the game is played, but it's made it much more beneficial for real estate agents on the go.

9/3/2013 08:30:39 pm

Every field is changing with the introduction of changing technologies everyday and so as the real estate too. I think, it is an advantage for the buyers, they can access more information before finalizing any investment.


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