How To Create An Online Database For Real Estate Photos And Videos

When dealing with online real estate listings, visual marketing is a key feature that can quickly turn into leads for a real estate agent. Photos and videos illuminate areas of properties that sometimes just can't be explained in words. And the more photos, the better. When a homebuyer uses the internet to search for a home, they want to see every aspect of the property possible before they actually visit the property. This is where the real estate agent can create stunning listings with informative videos and photos.

Are you organized?

As a real estate agent, you are probably on-the-go 24/7, and being organized is something that is only dreamed of. When you need access toy your photos and videos, do you have access to them everywhere you go? There is a simple plan that can keep your photos and videos organized with no effort from you. 

How to create an organized database

Ever thought of how great it would be to have a huge database — large enough to keep all of your photos and videos, yet portable enough to travel everywhere with you? This is where cloudHQ steps in.

CloudHQ is one of the leading cloud integration services available. Here is how you can create your fully-portable, always-accessible database to keep all of your photos and videos organized.

Let's say that you use a digital camera to take photos and videos of properties. Then you manually upload these files to your computer. Then you edit them in Photoshop, and manually upload them to your website when you need them. But what if you are traveling or away from your main computer? What is there is no internet access? What if your laptop gets stolen, along with all of your files on it? CloudHQ has you covered.

When you take photos and videos from your camera, you can generally choose where to store them on your computer or laptop. So you need to install a cloud storage service (they all have free plans) such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, etc. Create a folder in one of these services, and then set that location to have all of your photos and videos uploaded to when you connect your camera. Now all of your files are online, and can be accessed from any location with or without internet access.

What about data loss?

Unfortunately there are times when files can get deleted from a cloud server. It is rare, but does happen. If you accidentally delete files and don’t recover them from the trash within a specific amount of time, they may never be recovered. But using cloudHQ, you can back up all of your photos and videos from one cloud service to another. So if you use Dropbox to store all of your files, you can use cloudHQ to back up all of the files to Box or Google Drive. See how easy it is? Now all of your photos and videos will always be accessible no matter if there is internet or not, no matter of one of the cloud services is down for maintenance, even if a hacker gets into your account and maliciously deletes all of your files. Check out the free trial cloudHQ is currently offering to see if cloudHQ is the right fit for your real estate needs, and get more organized!

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