How To Easily Backup Your Photos And Videos

Visual marketing is an important aspect of real estate listings and a high quality camera is essential for creating extreme close-ups and HD video that can best display the properties in a favorable light to prospective buyers. The problem is that these photos and videos can take up a lot of space. These files must be backed up but additional storage drives can be expensive.

Cloud storage is the best option for storing and maintaining large files. There are a variety of cloud storage providers that offer storage at reasonable prices. And the best part- if you need additional storage, there is no need to buy expensive hardware to meet these demands as users can simply upgrade the account with the cloud storage provider for more storage. 

Best cloud storage providers for real estate agents

Dropbox is one of the most popular and most useful cloud storage providers. It easily integrates with Windows and utilizes a Windows-type file and folder structure system, making it feel like typical usage to normal Windows users. Other storage providers include Google Drive, Box, SkyDrive and more. These cloud providers all offer free plans with paid upgrades for users that need more storage space.

Secure backup with cloudHQ

The best way to use cloud storage is in conjunction with a cloud backup service such as cloudHQ. This ensures that you always have a secondary copy of your files in case the original files become corrupted, accidentally deleted or lost. The cloudHQ service works by providing a continuous backup of all files and data to a secondary backup account. Important documents such as transaction papers, contracts and more must be protected. Retaking photos and videos that get lost can be a time-consuming and inefficient task. But with cloudHQ, the files will all be securely backed up.

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