How To Get More Organized In The Real Estate Office

As real estate agents we all know just how hard it is to stay organized. But advances in cloud computing technology have given real estate agents the tools they need to be organized, but many agents simply do not know enough about them or believe they are not technically-inclined enough to use such tools. It can be confusing when you do use some of the organizational tools as they are not typically compatible with other services. So even if you use several tools, you still end up with files and documents stored on different platforms. In this article, we will take a look at some of the top organizational tools available for real estate agents (Evernote, Google Drive and Box), and how you can utilize the unique organizational features of all of these services and still create an organized database to have all the information stored in one centralized, organized location.

Use Evernote for note-taking and to create a filing system

Evernote is one of the top organizational tools that real estate agents use. As many real estate agents are on the go, Evernote offers many useful features including note-taking, dictation, snapshots and a superior tagging system which allows agents to quickly find any file or document by simply searching out keywords. Evernote even allows users to search for text in photographs. And all the notes and files in Evernote can be easily organized by use of notebooks to create a mobile filing cabinet that follows you everywhere.

Use Google Drive for document management

Google Drive and Google Docs are the perfect tools for document management. Google Docs provides the tools real estate agents need to create and manage documents, presentations and spreadsheets. All files can be exported in Microsoft Word format if the document needs to be shared with users that wish to access it in Microsoft Word. And all files can be stored in Google Drive which allows easy integration with Gmail.

Use Box as the ultimate organized database

Box is a cloud storage provider which also offers many additional features and superior security. This makes Box the ultimate storage cabinet for all of your files and folders, but all of your notes are stored in Evernote and all of your documents are stored in Google Drive. So now you have to manually transfer your notes from Evernote to Box and your documents from Google Drive to Box. There, now you have the ultimate filing cabinet system, right? But wait, every time you add a new note, you will have to manually transfer it from Evernote to Box. And if you revise an existing note, you will have to manually overwrite the existing file in Box with the revised note from Evernote. Same for documents with Google Drive. Suddenly it doesn't seem like such a great system. But then cloudHQ comes into play.

cloudHQ provides automatic sync in real-time between cloud services. So by using cloudHQ, you can direct all notes from Evernote to be automatically exported to Box. And all files in Google Drive will be automatically exported to Box. And any time you add new files to Evernote or Google Drive, they will be instantly replicated to Box. If you revise an existing note in Evernote or an existing document in Google Drive, they will be instantly replicated to Box. So now you have the ultimate filing cabinet system and the best part- it's completely mobile and can be accessed from any location with internet- all thanks to the replication power of cloudHQ.

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