How To Get Relevant Real Estate News And Info On The Competition In Your Inbox

How do you get news to your computer or mobile device? Do you just sign up for various real estate news and blogs sites? Subscribe to forums? Follow sites on Twitter and Facebook? These are all great ideas and there is certainly nothing wrong with any of them except that you may get overwhelmed with hundreds of emails to look through every day. But there are other ways to get more specific, more relevant news to your inbox and it's completely free. 

Google Alerts for news and tracking the competition

If you're skilled at SEO, you will be great at getting what you want from Google Alerts. It's a simple process- you simply input a specific keyword and you will get alerts any time web content is published that contains your specific keyword. So if you want to know as soon as homes come on the market in Phoenix, you might put something like "home for sale phoenix" or any mix of words that are commonly used in sales ads. This way, you get the news delivered to your inbox every day and you can look through the emails on your own time. You can sign up for multiple keywords so you can get news articles, home listings or any other specifics delivered directly to your inbox. You can even keep up with what your competition is up to by creating keywords with the name of their real estate business, personal name or other information.

If you want to check out your competition's ads, now you can have them delivered straight to your inbox. Want to see their social media and forum posts? It can be delivered straight to you. Or if you just want information on any other current real estate events or happenings, a simple relevant keyword will deliver the results directly to your inbox.

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Will it really display the relevant topics only?


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