How To Get The Most Out Of Gmail

Many people use Gmail because of its easy-to-use interface and simple design. Others use it because it comes with a Google account. There are many features within Gmail that many people don't know about and there are other tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Gmail and make it work for you.

Advanced search

Gmail has a labeling system to help you keep track of important emails. However, when this is not enough, you may need to use advanced searching to find the email you need. For instance, you can search by size of email (size:3m for 3 MB file) or by age (older_than:1y for emails older than 1 year). Google has an extensive list of search operators to help users find the email they are looking for.

Send large files

How many times have you tried to send attachments through email only to find that the file is too large? Traditional file-sharing methods have all but made email attachment sending obsolete but if you want to send large files through Gmail, Google Drive has the answer. You can send files up to 10 GB simply by uploading it to Google Drive. When you compose an email through Gmail, there is a Google Drive icon at the bottom. Click on it to insert files form Google Drive. How easy is that? You can alternately include a link to the Google Drive file in the body of the email and the recipient can click on the link and access the file. 

Customize background

You can customize your background by clicking on the gear icon and choosing "Themes." At the bottom of the page you can choose from light or dark themes. Then you can choose a background photo from Google+, from your mobile device, a URL or uploaded from your computer.

Back up Gmail

You can back up your Gmail using cloudHQ in case you ever lose access to your account or in case of accidental or malicious deletion. You can back up your Gmail emails to a variety of cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive or others. Here is how to back up your Gmail using cloudHQ

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