How To Improve Your Real Estate Listings With Video

As a real estate agent, you are continuously looking for ways to improve your listings and make them stand out from listings that other agents post. As you are probably well aware of, visual marketing is huge right. You no doubt either use a good camera to take photos of properties and houses or you hire a professional to take the photos. This is definitely one of the best ways to make your listings stand out from listings comprised of photos that an agent snagged with his cell phone or low-quality camera.

But there are other methods of visual marketing as well. If you haven't thought about adding video to your listings, you should. Many agents don't want to take the time to do it or spend the money to have someone else record video for all of their properties.

Begin the video with a good hook

The key to a good video is to get right to the good stuff. If you start your video at the driveway and walk slowly toward the house, the viewer is apt to get bored before you ever reach the house and they will just go on to another listing. If you have the ability, you should create a short intro to the video that quickly flashes through some of the best amenities or features of the property. This provides a good "hook" to keep the viewer interested enough to see the rest of the video.

Voice narration

If you have a good voice, you can provide narration for the video, explaining the features and amenities. Or you can hire someone to speak for you but a female voice is recommended. It has been proven that a female voice provides an atmosphere of trust and comfort. You can also use subtitles and other text on the screen for greater efficiency or to make certain points about the property.

Video is your marketing tool

The whole point of creating the video is to help you get the sale so you must treat the video as your best marketing tool. Tour throughout every room of the house and explain what's great about the rooms and why the customer would feel comfortable in this house. You can even take video or photos of the surrounding neighborhood, nearby schools, attractions and more- whatever you can use to sell the property. 

Create a pleasant background

If you want to take any video of yourself speaking, be sure to set up a good background. If you can stand beside a flowing stream with the house in the background, that's great. Or you can pick a room in the house that shows a little elegance, if there are any. You want to create scenes that make the viewer want to be in that house.

You can end the video however you wish, hopefully by this time you have the potential homebuyer's wife jumping up and down and screaming "honey, we HAVE to go see this house!" However, since that's not guaranteed, you may wish to create a closing statement. Again, be sure to have a photogenic background if you will be in the video and a pleasant speaking voice. If you find it's worth it, you can even outsource these video recordings to someone with a nice appearance and pleasant speaking voice. This way, you don't spend too much of your time dealing with the videos.

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