How to integrate Google Drive to Box

Cloud services have practically revolutionized the real estate industry. From document management to collaboration to staying connected- cloud apps provide the features that make real estate agents more productive and efficient. Google Drive and Box are two of the most popular cloud services for real estate agents. In this article, we will take a look at Google Drive and Box are used in real estate, and how real estate agents can have their data from Google Drive synced to Box in order to create an easily searchable database, as well as to create a secure backup of all files and documents in case of data loss.

Google Drive in real estate

Google Drive is comprised of several powerful tools designed to help professionals such as real estate agents manage their documents, spreadsheets and presentations, and also share and store files. Contracts can be created, shared and signed from Google Drive. Other transaction documents, checklists, spreadsheets and presentations can be created and revised as well. This allows real estate agents to take a complete mobile office with them everywhere they go, so they can create and manage documents from any location with internet access.

Box in real estate

Box is a cloud storage service that allows users to quickly share and store files. It has many other features as well, including project management features, powerful encryption and security, collaboration and much more. Box can be used to store and share large files such as videos and presentations. And since real estate agents deal with confidential data on a daily basis, they can rest assured as Box security is HIPAA and HITECH compliant. With Box Business and Box Enterprise, users will get the best features specifically designed to help professionals perform their daily tasks more efficiently.

Cloud integration for real estate

So now we've discussed how Google Drive and Box are useful for real estate, but when you use both of these cloud services (especially with other cloud services), you will find all of your data spread out across multiple platforms. This can make finding specific files or documents a more difficult task when data is so disorganized. But with cloudHQ, you can setup a two-way sync between Google Drive and Box to have all your important files and folders stored and organized neatly in one location.

If you use Google Drive and Box, but you have a client that only uses Box, it can make things a little more difficult if you don't have replication from cloudHQ. Let's say you create a contract in Google Drive and need to send it to your client who only uses Box. You will have to create the contract in Google Drive, download it to your hard drive, upload it to Box and then you can finally share it with your client. But if you had automatic replication from cloudHQ setup, the document would have instantly replicated to Box the instant it was created in Google Drive. And cloudHQ can export the contract in many useful formats including PDF, Microsoft Word and OpenOffice. So now you can create a contract in Google Drive which will be automatically replicated to Box, click on the document in Box and share with your client. Very simple, very efficient. And if you want to send files or documents to Google Drive, you (or someone you have shared the folder with such as clients, sources, etc.) can simply drop the file into the Box folder and it will be instantly replicated to Google Drive. CloudHQ steps in where cloud services are still falling a little shirt- sync and replication. And not only that- this provides a complete backup of all data from both cloud services in case of a data loss incident. If data loss occurs in Google Drive, you still have a complete secondary copy of all data in Box. And if data loss happens in Box, there is still a complete secondary copy of all data in Google Drive.

Real estate agents can benefit greatly from the efficient organization features of cloudHQ's two-way sync, and can also benefit greatly from the cloud data backup features of cloudHQ. Try the free, fully-functional, 15-day trial to determine if cloudHQ is the right fit for your business.

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