How To Integrate SharePoint And Box For Real Estate Agents

Many professional real estate agents use SharePoint because the brokerage they work for is using the Microsoft suite of tools, and SharePoint is installed for all users. It is specifically designed to give enterprise companies and individual professionals a secure place to store, organize, share and access information from almost any device. There are several SharePoint tools including SharePoint Online, SharePoint Designer and SharePoint Workspace, and each has its own unique purpose that can help real estate agents manage their files and communicate with their peers in a more efficient manner.

Real estate professionals use Box because it is simple-to-use and it offers enterprises and professionals a secure place to store files, collaborate over files and documents, and share files and documents in real-time. Box is one of the more appealing cloud providers for real estate agents, as its security is at the highest level, and it meets the security standards of both HIPPA and HITECH. 

Integrating SharePoint and Box

SharePoint and Box share a common flaw—neither of them will integrate with the other without a little outside help. But why do real estate agents need to integrate SharePoint and Box anyway?

As real estate agents, we are always on the go. Whether we are in meetings, phone or video calls, or showing properties, the daily schedule always outruns us. And as such, we need to have complete and instant access to our important documents and files. And we need this access from all of our devices—home computer, office computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc. And it's even better if we can grant other users access to some (but not all) of the documents. Box provides real estate agents with the ability to provide access to specific documents or folders without compromising the security of other documents and files. So if you need to allow a potential homeowner or other contact to access some files or documents, it can easily be accomplished through Box. The contact can edit the document (if allowed), collaborate in real-time with the real estate agent and legally sign documents. But transferring all those documents and files from SharePoint to Box, and organizing them in specific folders can be quite a time-consuming task. If only there was an easier method...a more automated method that would instantly transfer documents from SharePoint to Box—the instant they are created! Enter cloudHQ

How cloudHQ brings SharePoint and Box together

The answer you are searching for is cloudHQ. This powerful data replication service provides automated sync between multiple cloud services, including SharePoint and Box. So once you have installed cloudHQ, all new documents created in or added to SharePoint will be instantly and automatically copied to Box. Any revisions to existing documents and files in SharePoint will be instantly and automatically copied to the existing file in Box. This is all done in the background and requires no effort from you. So you can keep working on documents uninterrupted as cloudHQ works its magic.

This replication also provides a secure backup of your files and folders. For instance, if SharePoint goes offline for maintenance or other reasons and you need to access your files, simply login to Box and continue working on the same file. Once SharePoint is back online, cloudHQ automatically updates the sync between the two cloud services. If one of your cloud accounts is hacked and files are deleted, simply login to the other account and restore.

Want to try before you buy? No problem. CloudHQ is currently offering a free, fully-functional, 15-day trial with no limitations. This allows lawyers to go ahead and set up sync between SharePoint and Box without ever paying a penny. Try it out, and see for yourself the difference that cloudHQ makes in workplace efficiency.

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