How To Move Your Real Estate Brokerage To The Cloud

The move to the cloud may seem like a daunting task for real estate agents but this can be accomplished much easier than one may think. While it may seem to be a bit overwhelming, just a little simple research will give you all the information you need for making the move to the cloud as effortless as possible.

Why should real estate agents move to the cloud?

Moving to the cloud can make for a paperless office, which means that real estate agents can perform their work from virtually any device (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.), from anywhere that the agent has internet access. This cuts down on trips to and from the office, cuts down on paperwork, and allows agents to concentrate on selling houses instead of wasting time doing unnecessary tasks.

How to move the real estate brokerage to the cloud

There are many cloud storage providers to choose from- Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and more. These services can be used to store all that paperwork that currently flows out of file cabinets, inside (and probably all across) your desk. In the cloud, the documents can be stored, organized and easily searched and found at any time from any device. Paper documents can be scanned to the computer and uploaded to the cloud storage for storage and organizing.

Cloud services such as Evernote and Basecamp can be used to completely manage your documents and transactions. Google Apps has an entire array of document editing software that can help also.

A secure and safe backup is essential to protect data. A cloud backup service such as cloudHQ can protect your data and ensure that there is no data loss.

You must install the cloud services on every device that you plan to use the service on. Most of these services come with apps for tablets and smartphones and software programs for desktop computers and laptops.

The move to the cloud will make work much more efficient in both time and project management. It may seem like a lot but it's actually very simple and the results and benefits are well worth it.

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