How To Securely Back Up Your Data In The Cloud

The cloud offers so many benefits for individuals and companies that it's simply too hard to ignore. More efficient time-management, cost-efficiency, and project management are just a few of the benefits that can help improve your personal life and your business. For all the benefits that the cloud offers, there are still some concerns. One of the largest current concerns is data loss.

Data loss is a valid concern

Data loss is a concern for individual users because they can lose irreplaceable family photos, important documents and notes, or other important files. For companies, data loss can be even more disastrous. Important contracts, legal documents, company information, client or customer contact information and other data. Much of these documents could cost the company a lot of time if they must replace the documents. Some documents may even be irreplaceable. 

Using a cloud backup service to prevent data loss

The solution to prevent data loss is a solid cloud backup plan that backs up your data in real-time. CloudHQ is a cloud backup service that does just that. All replication is automatic, instantaneous and continuous so you get real-time synchronization. If you revise an existing file, the changes are reflected in the backup account immediately. If you add a file, it is added to your backup account instantly. And because the cloudHQ service runs in the background, it is transparent to you and allows you to perform your work uninterrupted. If your main cloud service provider goes down for maintenance or other issues, you can simply switch to the backup cloud account and continue working without delay. CloudHQ works with many of the most popular cloud services including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, Evernote and more, plus cloudHQ can even back up all your Gmail emails and attachments. Click here to get the plan that can best help your company prevent data loss.

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