How To Securely Encrypt And Transfer Files

Real estate agents deal with a variety of confidential files and sensitive data, sometimes on a daily basis. Many real estate agents have chosen to work remotely, which increases the risk of data leaks or security breaches. Email has most often been used to send small files, but email is not secure. With recent revelations about NSA monitoring, even more concerns have been raised about file transfer security.

Cloud service docTrackr sends encrypted files

A new cloud service called docTrackr has recently been released, and is now being used by a number of real estate agents in order to securely send their files. This service allows the agents to encrypt their documents and files before the file ever leaves their possession. Once the file is encrypted, it is sent over a secure connection to the intended recipient. Real estate agents can set permissions which allow specific users to access, print, view, edit and forward the document. Agents can also choose to receive a return receipt when the recipient receives and opens the file. The entire process is simple and the interface is extremely user-friendly so users of all experience levels will be able to use it.

Send encrypted documents for free

DocTrackr offers a free plan which allows real estate agents to send up to 10 documents or files per month. If more document transfers are needed, agents can upgrade to a premium plan for $15 per user per month. This will allow users to send unlimited encrypted files, which prevents unauthorized access to your files and documents. Clients will feel much more secure knowing their agent is using encryption to keep their confidential data safe from prying eyes.

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