How To Send Voicemails To Evernote Using Google Voice

For real estate agents on the go, cloud services have greatly improved the way transactions are handled. With the superior document creation and editing features of Google Drive to the top sharing capabilities of Dropbox and many more useful cloud service features, a real estate agent has an entire suite of real estate tools in order to more efficiently perform their business.

Evernote is one of the top cloud services that real estate agents use because it incorporates a wide array of the features needed to complete transactions. Another necessary tool for real estate agents is a smartphone. You probably use your phone a lot. And for whatever reason, you will miss calls at times. And sometimes you will just not be in the mood to answer your phone. The voicemails are important but you aren't always available to make a call and listen to your voicemail. I'm going to show you an easy way to send your voicemails to Evernote by using Google Voice.

Why you should use Google Voice to send voicemails to Evernote

If you use Google Voice to forward your voicemails to Evernote, you get instant access to the voicemail without making a call. You get a transcription of the voicemail in text so you never have to access your voicemail- perfect for times when you are in meetings or otherwise unable to make calls from your phone. Another great feature is that the voicemail will be stored in both Google Voice and Evernote so you always have access to it, even in areas where your phone and internet don't work. In case you or your phone carrier delete the voicemail, it will remain in storage and available to you.

Google Voice is useful for more than just voicemails. If you want to record a call, just press the "4" key during the call. It should be noted that Google Voice does alert the other caller that the call is being recorded. This works perfect for interviews or for professional calls with an employer, associate or client where you need the ability to recall specifics that are discussed during the call. So if a client needs to give instructions on what needs to be added to a contract or other document, you can record the call to give you and the client clarity and protection in case an issue were to later arise.

How to set up Google Voice and Evernote

To set up Google Voice and Evernote, go to Google Voice and click on "Settings." Now go to "Voicemail & Text." You will see a checkbox beside "Voicemail Notifications - Alert me when I have new voicemails. Email the message to: (your current email address)." Beside that you will see "Add a new email address," so click on that. Now go to Evernote and find the email address that Evernote gave you in order to forward emails. You can find this quickly by clicking on "Usage" in the upper right-hand corner of Evernote. Add that email address to your Google account and go back to voicemail settings in Google Voice. Now you will see the Evernote address as an option for the voicemail to be emailed to. Save your settings and that's it. Now all voicemails will be sent to Evernote. In the Google Voice voicemail settings, be sure that "Transcribe Voicemails" is checked so that you will receive a text of the voicemail to your Evernote notebook.

Now you can easily search your voicemails and you can tag them with keywords for even easier searching. In the email body you receive, there is also a link so you can play the voicemail on your computer or device, or you can download it as an MP3 file to your computer or device.

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