How To Sync Dropbox And Sharepoint For Real Estate Agents

Many real estate agents use Sharepoint for various reasons—some use it because it is corporate-grade and professional, some use it because it's backed by Microsoft, others use it because all of their coworkers or other real estate agents use it, and some use it because it's what they are experienced in using. Sharepoint helps real estate agents connect with other professionals (coworkers, other real estate agents, investors, homebuyers, sources, etc.) and helps them engage with these people, share ideas and practically reinvent the way they deal with homebuyers. It also makes it simple to organize transaction files and other business-related aspects such as cost-management, risk-assessment and time-management.

Many real estate agents also use Dropbox for their business tasks. Dropbox offers real estate agents secure cloud storage, and the simplest sharing available. So if you are a real estate agent, and you are using Sharepoint, but your client or investor is using Dropbox,cloudHQ makes it easy to sync the two services without the need for both parties to install both services on their computers or devices. 

How to use cloudHQ to sync Sharepoint and Dropbox

CloudHQ takes files and documents that are created in or added to Sharepoint and automatically replicates them to Dropbox. So if you are a real estate agent, and you use Sharepoint, you can simply create or add a file, and cloudHQ automatically and instantly replicates the new file to Dropbox. And if you revise an existing file in Sharepoint, cloudHQ also automatically and instantly replicates the revisions to the file in Sharepoint so that you and the recipient will always have the newest version of the same file.  And if you are using two-way sync, this means you can be editing the file in Sharepoint while your contact is editing the same file in Dropbox, and two (or more) people can collaborate on the same file simultaneously—even though they are using different cloud services!

The cloud replication that cloudHQ offers can be used as backup for your files as well. If your files on Sharepoint are inaccessible for any reason, you can simply switch the Dropbox to continue working on the same file uninterrupted. And you can try before you buy—cloudHQ is currently offering a free 15-day, fully-functional trial so you can determine if cloudHQ can help improve the collaboration and file-management of your real estate business.

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