How To Sync Gmail And Evernote For Real Estate

Millions of small businesses and individual professionals use Gmail as their business email, and this includes a high number of real estate professionals.  The benefits of Gmail are very appealing for real estate agents as it is free, easily integrates with other Google services such as Google Apps, Google Docs, Google Drive, and many others. And of course, as we have mentioned in previous articles, Evernote is a real estate agents main tool. It can be used for taking quick notes and snapshots, document creation and editing, and simple searching with the superior benefits of Evernote's tagging system. Unfortunately, these two useful tools do not play nice with each other. But cloudHQ is like the glue that binds them together. This is extremely useful for keeping Gmail emails and attachments perfectly organized in Evernote, as well as having your Evernote notes, photos and other files in Gmail for simple sharing.

How does it work?

Typically real estate agents like to use Evernote to keep themselves organized. An easy and efficient method to do this is to create a separate notebook for each property that the agent is currently dealing with. For example, one property could be on 21st Broad Drive in San Francisco, so this would acquire its own notebook. Another may be a property in Los Angeles, and it would gain a separate notebook for the information and files for that property.

Now we switch to Gmail. Each property gets its own location here as well, by using Gmail labels. Each time you add a new property, create a label for it. Then any time a note, email, photo or other file needs to be added to that property's folder, you simply add the appropriate Gmail label, and it automatically gets organized with other files bearing the same label. But how do you integrate these two services?

How cloudHQ syncs Gmail and Evernote

CloudHQ creates one-way or two-way sync between the two services, whichever you prefer. Once you have successfully synced Gmail to Evernote, you will be able to simply create a Gmail label for a specific property and cloudHQ automatically and instantly sends that file to Evernote and organizes it in the appropriate notebook. Same with Evernote, if you add a file to a specific notebook, cloudHQ automatically and instantly sends the file to Gmail, and adds the appropriate Gmail label for easy organization. So any time you get an email and want to add it to the Evernote file, you can easily accomplish it like this. And if you are using two-way sync, this means you can be editing the file in one cloud service while your contact is editing the same file in the other cloud service, and two (or more) people can collaborate on the same file simultaneously—even though they are using different cloud services!

The cloud replication that cloudHQ offers can be used as backup for your files as well. If your files on Gmail are inaccessible for any reason (maintenance, account lockout, etc.), you can simply switch the Evernote to access the same file and continue working uninterrupted. And you can try before you buy—cloudHQ is currently offering a free 15-day, fully-functional trial so you can determine if cloudHQ is the right fit for your real estate office.

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