How To Use cloudHQ For Real Estate Agents

CloudHQ is one of the most popular data replication services which many small businesses and professionals use for consolidation, collaboration and backup. It may sound complicated, but actually cloudHQ is VERY simple to use, and it's completely automated, so you can simply set it and forget it, and cloudHQ handles the rest. But what exactly does cloudHQ do? And how can cloudHQ help us real estate agents?

Keeping real estate agents organized

CloudHQ provides real estate agents with a completely organized system to keep data from multiple cloud services organized and stored in unique folders and locations. So for instance if you use Evernote for quick notes, checklists and photos; Basecamp to handle transaction management; and Google Drive to handle document management, this can result in your notes, documents and photos being spread out across multiple services in multiple locations. But cloudHQ syncs all of these services together so that all of your files can be AUTOMATICALLY stored in one location, neatly organized in specific folders.

Cloud integration

As real estate agents, we are continuously looking for the next gadget or software service that will help make our daily tasks more efficient. But each cloud service that we find seems to have its own unique, useful features, so we end up using multiple cloud services in order to efficiently cover all areas of our profession. But most of these services do not play well together, so again, we end up with our files such as notes, documents, videos, photos, contracts, and audio files stored on different cloud services in different locations. So what cloudHQ does is automatically take the files that you add to each cloud service, and sync the files with other cloud services. So if you want your notes from Evernote to be stored with your documents in Google Drive, cloudHQ will do that for you. If you want your project files from Basecamp and your files on OneDrive to be stored on Dropbox or Box, cloudHQ will handle that for you. And if you want your files from all cloud services synced to one specific location for better organization and simple searching, cloudHQ will handle that as well. CloudHQ is compatible with the most popular cloud services including Google Drive, Gmail, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive, SharePoint, Basecamp, SugarSync, egnyte, Yandex Disk and WebDav. 

Mobile management

CloudHQ makes mobile management simple by integrating multiple cloud services, so that all of your files that you add on a mobile device will automatically sync with your online accounts in order to keep all of your files organized. If you have employees and have implemented a BYOD plan, cloudHQ can help you keep track of all files that employees add, even if each employee is using a different cloud service. 

Secure backup and data loss prevention

The sad fact isā€”things happen. From natural disasters to web threats, there is always some kind of danger that threatens your files. You may think your files are safe on your phone, laptop or desktop computer, but:

  • Phones can be lost.
  • Laptops can be stolen.
  • Fire, flood or other natural disaster can destroy your desktop computer. 

But I keep my files stored on a cloud account, you say. That's a great start. But unfortunately, even that may not be enough.

  • Your cloud account can be hacked and your files deleted.
  • You or a coworker may accidentally delete files and not notice that they are deleted until it's too late for the files to be recovered.
  • Your cloud provider may wrongfully flag your account for ToS violation.

But if you use cloudHQ, you will have all files automatically backed up as they are created. And any revisions to existing files are backed up in real-time. And what if your main cloud storage account is down for maintenance and you need to access your files? If you use cloudHQ, you have a backup cloud account with a completely-synced, secondary copy of all of your files. So you can simply switch to the backup account, access your files and add, delete or revise files. Once the main account is back online, cloudHQ automatically syncs all new files, deletions and revisions to the main account. This allows you to ALWAYS have access to your files so that if something happens, you can continue working uninterrupted. Be sure to check out the fully-functional, free 15-day trial that cloudHQ is currently offering. This way you can see for yourself all of the great benefits cloudHQ offers the real estate market without paying a dime upfront.

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