How To Use SafeMonk To Encrypt Your Dropbox Files

When you deal with confidential client data and other sensitive documents, you know you must keep them safe from prying eyes. But the many benefits of Dropbox are too great to ignore, especially for real estate agents on the go. Dropbox already offers encryption for files during transit and while they are stored on Dropbox servers. But this doesn't give the user control over the encryption, Dropbox holds that control. Well, a new encryption program has been developed specifically for Dropbox users. SafeMonk offers a second level of encryption that gives users complete control over the encryption.

SafeMonk encrypts files before they are ever uploaded to Dropbox

SafeMonk has mobile apps for iOS and Android, so you will always have access to your files. When SafeMonk is installed on your computer or mobile device, a new folder will be created in your Dropbox folder. Every file you drop into this folder will be encrypted before it is ever uploaded to the Dropbox servers. A special encryption key is needed to access the files and if SafeMonk is not installed on the computer or mobile device, the files cannot be accessed in any readable format. This extra level of encryption gives you control over all your files.

You still need backup

If a hacker is able to gain unauthorized access to your Dropbox account, he will be unable to read your files, but he may possibly still be able to delete the files. For this reason, you need a cloud backup service such ascloudHQ to ensure that you don't experience any data loss. Even if a hacker maliciously deletes files, or if you or another authorized user accidentally deletes files, you will always have a complete secondary copy of all your files backed up to another cloud service.

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