How To Use Social Media To Attain Real Estate Success

Real estate agents have been using social media in their business for years as it provides many benefits. Agents can reach out to hundreds, thousands or even millions of social media users, way more than they could ever imagine reaching without the internet. By using social media, agents are able to find prospective homebuyers, outsource work to other users, find information about real estate and share information about real estate.


Facebook is one of the largest social media networks in the world. As a normal user, you will be able to add up to 5,000 friends. If you create a company page, you can have users "follow" you and can reach an unlimited amount of users. However, Facebook has made changes recently that only allow a certain percentage of your followers to actually see your posts in the news feed. For other users, they will have to actually go to your page in order to see the posts. This is not very effective as the percentage is usually between 12-25% of users that actually see your post. Facebook has a "promote" feature, which allows all followers to see a user's posts, but only for a fee.

Still, the immense popularity of Facebook is too great to ignore and is an extremely useful tool for reaching out to many users. Also, Facebook real estate groups can be joined to interact with other users that are in the real estate industry or users that are looking for homes to buy or invest in.


Twitter is another popular social media network that enables users to reach a large number of other users. Unlike Facebook, Twitter allows you to reach an unlimited amount of users without having to pay to promote your posts. The retweet feature allows other users to send your post to all of their followers, which in turn can retweet to their followers and the process could continue until you reach thousands or even millions of users. Users can insert hashtags into their posts so users that are searching for specific types of posts will find their posts.


Google's social media network has many useful features. Besides allowing followers, much like Facebook and Twitter, Google+ also implemented hangouts, a video-chat feature for professionals which was quickly copied by Facebook. Google+ can be used to reach a more specific audience, and Google+ real estate groups can be joined in order to reach an audience that is specifically related to real estate.


LinkedIn is the social media network specifically designed for professionals. By using LinkedIn, users can create profiles and become friends with other users in their related fields. The LinkedIn groups are the most efficient of all social media groups for users that wish to interact with other professionals in the real estate industry.

LinkedIn also enables users to give other users recommendations based on their experiences working together. A high number of recommendations can help you excel to higher levels of success.

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