How To Use Tech To Create Office Envy

We already know that the more tech gadgets workers have, the more likely they are to be highly productive, more efficient, and most likely the target of a few jealousy fits by other co-workers or peers. As real estate agents, we must consistently maintain a working level knowledge of tech and the latest tech products that can help in our bid to successfully sell homes. Here a couple of ways that you may become the target of office envy and jealousy simply by upgrading your tech environment.

Upgrade hardware and software

Upgraded hardware such as upgrading to a 24" (or larger) monitor can quickly cause your co-workers to get a little jealous, as can a new laptop, smartphone or tablet. The latest tech gadgets that help your productivity and are "cool" can cause a little office envy as well. Integrated services can help as well- such as cloud services that store data, sync data and provide backup options, document management, file-sharing, project management and much more. By combining services, you can create an entire cloud system of efficiency that will almost certainly make other workers a little jealous.

Working remotely

A recent survey found that 56% of office workers believe that working remotely can cause jealousy among other office workers. It also found that 70% of respondents would rather work from home than work at an office. As many real estate agents have turned to working remotely, this is bound to cause at least a little jealousy among other agents that sit in the office the majority of the day. In BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environments, the workers that are able to work remotely generally have higher efficiency and success rates. So any workers that haven't stepping into BYOD era yet may find themselves a little jealous, even as they find themselves a little nervous about going remote.

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