Now Is The Time For Mobile

Mobile trends have exploded in recent years, resulting in a surge of remote agents in the field.  By utilizing mobile technology, agents are able to work remotely away from the office, accomplish more, be more productive, get more sales and have more time to do what they want.  But cloud technology hasn’t taken off in the real estate field as fast as it has in other industries.  One reason is because the average age of real estate agents is around 57 years old. This means that many real estate agents are either ensure about the new technology or are not interested in using it.

Going paperless using mobile and cloud

Mobile has helped many real estate agents go completely paperless.  By using cloud apps such as Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., agents can actually completely do away with their office and perform all their real estate activities from their mobile device, be it a smartphone, or tablet.  Going paperless offers more freedom; it allows agents to cut their costs, manage their transactions more efficiently, and manage their time more efficiently.  It creates a much freer schedule for real estate agents, and allows these agents the flexibility to multitask- clients can be contacted, documents can be created, signed and shared, to-do lists can be created and revised - all while performing everyday tasks such as picking up children from school, keeping appointments, lunch meetings, travel, and much more. By getting more accomplished in a faster time period, the agent has more time to get even more work accomplished, or to spend the excess time leisurely. 

How to sync cloud services for more efficiency

Going mobile and going paperless are greatly beneficial to agents as it frees up their time and saves them money. There’s even a way to make things easier. Cloud service cloudHQ offers a way for agents to sync data from one clouds service to another. This is extremely useful as different cloud services offer differing useful features. By using cloudHQ for cloud sync, agents can automatically send their Evernote notes and other files from Evernote to Dropbox or any number of other cloud services. They can automatically send documents that are created or stored on Google Drive to Dropbox or many other cloud services. This also provides a backup of all your data from one cloud service to another in case something happens to your cloud data and you don’t have a backup system in place. So cloudHQ can help real estate agents work more efficiently and also prevents data loss. Try the free 15-day trial now.

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