Real Estate Data Loss Contingency Plan

Data loss is a concern for anyone, but especially for real estate agents who deal with confidential client data and sensitive files. The loss of contracts and other transaction documents can be devastating and could result in the loss of a transaction, or, at the least, it could cause a long delay in the closing period. Many real estate agents have made the decision to migrate their work to the cloud because of the many benefits- working remotely, paperless, much more efficient and quick transactions, and more. But when you place your data in the cloud, you must be prepared for whatever happens. The cloud is already protecting you from any natural disasters or other on-premise disasters, but what if data loss  were to occur in the cloud account?

Contingency plan to protect against data loss

Data loss in the cloud can be easily prevented if you are prepared with a cloud backup contingency plan. CloudHQ is the solution that offers complete protection against any data loss in the cloud. The cloudHQ service provides a complete backup of all data that you want backed up to a completely separate cloud account. For instance, if you use Box as your main cloud account, you can back up all files to another cloud account such as Dropbox or Google Drive. It also works as synchronization from popular cloud services such as Evernote and Basecamp to other cloud services such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, etc. The replication is automatic and runs completely in the background so you can access files and documents in the cloud and work on them without any interruption. The backup is also continuous so it backs everything up as you work. If you add new files, they are backed up immediately. If you make revisions to existing files, the backup is instantaneous. If disaster strikes, restoration can be completed quickly so you can continue your work as though nothing happened.

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