Real Estate In The Cloud: Dropbox Or Hard Drive?

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage providers, boasting over 175 million users. As its popularity continues to surge, many users, including companies and real estate agents, are switching to the cloud in a quest to become paperless. So is Dropbox replacing the hard drive? For many users, the answer is "yes."

"We are replacing the hard drive. I don’t mean that you’re going to unscrew your MacBook and find a Dropbox inside, but the spiritual successor to the hard drive is what we’re launching," said Dropbox CEO Drew Houston.

Dropbox showcases new features at DBX

At a recent conference, DBX, Dropbox unveiled many new features to the wildly popular platform. Houston started the event saying, "Today, the hard drive goes away." Some people may be shocked by such a bold statement, while others already use Dropbox as their hard drive, took it a little more literally.

New changes to the platform include new plugins (Dropbox calls them "Drop-ins") that allow developers of websites to enable "Save to Dropbox" and "Share from Dropbox" features. Houston explained the new features as "kind of a save button for the post-PC world."

Back up Dropbox

You wouldn't use your hard drive without a great backup plan, you shouldn't use Dropbox without the same. This is wherecloudHQ steps in and becomes the ultimate solution to prevent data loss and cloud synchronization. CloudHQ provides backup from Dropbox to a completely separate cloud account such as Box, Google Drive, etc. This backup runs automatically in the background so users can continue to work and access data without interruption. Backup is continuous so new files are instantly backed up to the backup account. Any revisions to existing files and documents are instantly backed up as well, so even if you are working on a file and something happens, you will not lose data.

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