Real Estate Opportunities In The Cloud

Real estate agents can increase their opportunities in the cloud by using a variety of cloud services and gaining information about cloud services. There is no magic cloud service that performs all your duties (although Basecamp and Evernote come close) but by using a variety of services, you can increase your efficiency and save yourself time and money. 

Document creation

There are many cloud services you can use to create documents. Google Drive, Evernote and Office 365 (not free) are just a few of the services that allow users to create documents. In Google Drive, documents can be created using a variety of templates or from scratch. They can be exported in Microsoft Word format if desired. Evernote creates documents using its own format, but if you use cloudHQ, you can export them to PDF or Microsoft Word format.


Sometimes you need to analyze or review a document with your client, lawyer or other agents, and it can be a hassle to get everyone together at the same time. Perhaps the client even lives out of the area or is otherwise unavailable for a face-to-face meeting. In this case, you can use Google Drive to collaborate over documents or files. Up to 50 users can join the collaboration and can revise the document or file simultaneously.

File sharing

Dropbox is the most popular and easiest-to-use file sharing app, but there are others such as Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive, BitTorrent Sync and more. File sharing is made simple as many cloud services use the drag-and-drop method that Dropbox made so popular. When you drop a file into a shared folder, the file immediately appears in the Dropbox folder of every user that you have shared that folder with. It doesn't get any faster or easier than that.

Cloud backup

Data loss and security have always been a concern in the cloud, but with cloudHQ you can keep all of your data safe and secure. CloudHQ can back up all of your files, or just specific files that you wish to back up. This is especially helpful in the real estate industry as real estate agents handle confidential data on a daily basis. CloudHQ makes sure that no matter what happens to files and folders in the original cloud account, there will always be a secure secondary copy of your files that you can access in seconds.

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