Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Real Estate Agents

Real estate is highly competitive market and any successful real estate agent knows that an appealing website is a necessary tool of the trade. But just having a website isn't enough, that website must be optimized for high rankings in search engines in order to be found in the top search results. The majority of users that perform searches through Google never search beyond the first page of results. This makes it even more important that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used on your website.

Keywords and links can help or hurt SEO rankings depending on how they are used

Keywords play a large part in SEO, and when used correctly, can help boost a site's ranking in the search results. But you can overdo it as well. Too many keywords on a page can actually hurt the site's ranking as it will appear too spammy. Titles should also include keywords for more efficient SEO results. Including hyperlinks is a great SEO method as well, but it will also hurt rankings if it is overused.

Backlinks are an important aspect for SEO as long as they are placed properly. Links back to your website from a reputable website can boost rankings in a large way. Just beware of "free directories" that promise results, this can again be viewed as spammy and can actually cost you ranking. Backlinks from reputable, relevant sites related to the real estate field will yield much better results.

Visual effects can raise the site’s ranking while being aesthetically pleasing to clients

Media such as photos, audio and video files should be used when possible. These files can be embedded into the site's content and tagged with keywords for more efficient SEO rankings. A virtual tour is largely beneficial for SEO reasons, as well as the customer's viewing satisfaction.

Real estate agents need to realize the superior benefits that SEO brings and strong effects it can have on their business. A good website is nothing if it's not being seen. Boosting the rankings in search results is an effective and efficient method for increasing the productivity of your real estate business.

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