Should Real Estate Agents Be Concerned About Data Loss In SaaS?

As recent studies have shown that 1 out of 3 companies lose data in SaaS, should real estate agents share these same fears? While the majority of companies that use SaaS in their business do not experience data loss, for the unlucky minority, the resulting loss can be devastating- especially for real estate agents that deal with sensitive brokerage data and confidential client data.

The threat of data loss is real

The majority of cloud services have stepped up and created better security and backup options. But there are still unexplained circumstances at times. Dropbox users have been hot with a bug that has been known to delete data and Google Drive has experienced issues that have caused issues with data loss as well. These being two of the most popular SaaS services means that this could happen to any SaaS service. If your data is not backed up when data loss occurs, you could lose sensitive data that could jeopardize pending transactions. Clients may also lose faith in you if you are forced to tell them you lost their documents and must redo them.

How to prevent data loss

The ultimate solution is to use cloudHQ  to replicate all data from one SaaS service to another. If you experience data loss in one app (such as Dropbox), you can just switch to your backup service (such as Google Drive) and restore your data from there. If Google Drive goes down for maintenance or other disruption while you are working on data, you can just switch to Dropbox and continue working on your data there.

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