Staying Connected In Real Estate

Staying connected in real estate is essential for productivity. As cloud computing, mobile and social trends have changed the way real estate agents handle their business, the entire industry has taken notice of the many benefits the trends have brought. Now it's not uncommon at all to hear of real estate agents with virtual offices- working from wherever they are, working from home and handling all of their business on the go. Here are the top 3 trends for real estate and how they are affecting real estate agents.

Cloud computing for real estate

The cloud has revolutionized the real estate industry and how real estate data is handled. With cloud apps such as Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, Basecamp and more, agents can stay connected with all of their clients, coworkers and sources. Documents can be created, revised, shared, collaborated on and stored using Google Drive. Quick notes, audio clips and snapshots can be created quickly with Evernote. Large files can be saved and shared using Dropbox which allows users to share files with no file size limit. And for secure cloud computing, Box allows users to manage every aspect of their data behind military-grade encryption.

The mobile real estate agent

The mobile real estate agent has many advantages over the typical real estate agent. Nearly all aspects of transactions can be handled from mobile devices or laptops. Meetings can be setup, added to calendars and reminders can be created. Documents can be created, sent to clients and legally signed. Working remotely has many advantages- mainly cutting back on travel time to and from an office, the costs of maintaining a physical office and time management.

Real estate social networking

Social networks allow real estate agents to connect to other professionals in their field, potential clients and other sources. Social networking groups allow users to connect to other like-minded individuals and companies in the same industry. And social media marketing is huge business- the more people you connect with, the more likely you will find customers, clients and homebuyers.

Cloud integration and backup with cloudHQ

By using the cloud synchronization and backup features of cloudHQ, real estate agents can take control of their productivity, maintain organization and save time and money. CloudHQ works by replicating data from one or more cloud services to a secondary cloud service. So if you use Evernote to take notes, you can use cloudHQ to replicate all of your Evernote notes automatically in real-time to another cloud service such as Dropbox. If you use Google Drive for document management, you can have all of your documents automatically replicated to another cloud service such as Box. Each time a new file is added to the main cloud account, it is instantly replicated to the backup account. And each time revisions are made to an existing file, the changes are instantly replicated to the backup account. This is also useful if you need to create a backup account to prevent data loss. CloudHQ is the glue that holds the cloud together and right now they are offering a free, fully-functional, 15-day trial so you can determine of cloudHQ is right for you and your real estate business.

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