The Impact Of Cloud And Mobile Trends In The Real Estate Market

Cloud computing is bringing changes to the way many real estate agents perform their business and has virtually changed the entire real estate industry in the process. Mobile trends and cloud computing trends have both left their mark on real estate and are still surging forward. Mobile use is higher than ever and cloud computing appears to be the future of all computing. Many real estate agents have already changed their process in order to more efficiently sell homes. Those who ignore these rising trends will be left behind.

Mobile trends in the real estate market

Studies show that as many as 90% of all internet searches for homes were performed on mobile devices. As the number of people using mobile devices to search and browse the internet is expected to surpass the number of desktop computers within the next year, mobile is a trend that must not be ignored in the real estate market. Websites and listings must be optimized for mobile sites. Website and listing content must be modified for search engine optimization so that they appear toward the top of search engine rankings. On mobile devices, around 95% of all Google searchers never browse past the first page of search results.

Cloud computing trends in the real estate market

Cloud computing has brought real estate agents and clients together faster and more efficiently than ever before. Online collaboration; file, photo and document sharing; and more have made the real estate transaction process easier than before. Actually, nearly all aspects of a real estate transaction can be handled directly from the cloud applications Evernote and Dropbox. By using Docusign for Real Estate, you can even legally sign documents through the cloud!

Real estate is surging forward, riding the waves of cloud and mobile. Real estate agents should make their choice- move to the cloud now or wait and risk falling behind.

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