Top 10 Reasons To Move Your Real Estate Brokerage To The Cloud

Everyone has questions and concerns when contemplating moving their business to the cloud. This especially holds true for real estate agents because a lot of the documents and files are sensitive and must be protected by the best security measures possible. 

Here is a list of the top 10 reasons to move your real estate brokerage to the cloud.

  1. Cost-efficient: Yes, the cloud will save money- a lot of it! No need to worry about buying, upgrading and maintaining local storage options, the cloud storage provider will take care of everything for a small monthly fee. If you need to upgrade your storage space, just upgrade your plan and voila! You will instantly be granted more space. No need to buy and install new hardware. Switching to the cloud usually saves between 30-50% on IT costs.
  2. Storage: By moving all of your files to the cloud, you are reducing the need for paper files. You can cut back on office space and eliminate the need for large, bulky file cabinets. No need to worry about buying and installing local servers and hard drives, the cloud is all you need.
  3. Collaboration: The cloud makes it easy for you to collaborate on files and documents with other realtors, clients, lawyers and any other sources you may need input from.
  4. Project management: The cloud has many services that make managing your transactions a breeze. Basecamp is the ultimate organizational project management tool, but there are other such as Evernote, Google Drive and Dropbox that can help your real estate brokerage make the move to the cloud.
  5. Mobile: The cloud allows you to work from anywhere that you have access to the internet, and even offline when you don't have internet access.
  6. Time management: Since agents can perform all of their work in the field without constant trips back and forth from the office, this means a lot more time can be concentrated towards more important work- like showing houses and selling them. Wasted time can potentially slow your sales down, but working in the cloud can make much more efficient use of your time.
  7. Document management: With a variety of cloud tools such as Evernote, Google Drive and Docusign, documents can be accessed, created, edited, shared and legally signed from virtually anywhere.
  8. Flexibility: The cloud has many services and tools available that can help a real estate agent in the workplace. The best part- most of these services and apps have full integration with many of the most popular tools and services.
  9. Security: Cloud security has always been a strong subject of concern, but it doesn't have to be. By implementing strong security measures such as very strong passwords and two-factor authentication, the cloud can be more secure than any local storage you have in the office.
  10. Backup: Manual backup of all your files and data is a pain but if you don't do it you risk the possibility of data loss which can be critical when dealing with sensitive documents and files. Storing files in the office or on local hard drives is not the best solution as they are still susceptible to fire, floods or other disasters. When you move to the cloud your data stays on the cloud so no fire or flood will harm your data. However, it is still important to have a good backup plan in case your account gets hacked or you accidentally delete important files or data. There are many cloud solutions to handle this and you should pick one of the top cloud backup providers such as cloudHQ. The cloudHQ service runs in the background, transparent to you, providing continuous replication of all changes- if you add a file or make changes to a file, this is replicated to the backup immediately. A solid, secure backup plan is critical when dealing with documents of such a sensitive nature as real estate documents and files.

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