Top 3 Mobile Finance Trends For Real Estate Agents

Mobile finance is quickly becoming the standard for many types of payments. Mobile payments provide flexibility and faster checkouts at many in-store locations. Internet mobile use is increasing every year and is expected to overtake desktop use within the next year.

Mobile allows us to have our entire lives at our fingertips- we can track our kids, shop, connect with old friends and make new friends through social networking, sell products, advertise real estate business, manage financial accounts, and much more. Nearly all real estate duties can be performed directly from mobile devices- connect with clients and investors; create, share and sign documents; order supplies (signs, business cards, brochures, etc.) and manage appointments. In this article, we will take a look at the top 3 mobile finance trends for real estate agents. 

Go Cash-Free

Cash is becoming rarer these days, especially since it can be stolen without any way to trace it. Mobile payments are more secure than cash and there are always records of every transaction. If your mobile device is stolen and used to make fraudulent transactions, these records can be used to track the payment and identify the perpetrators. Many real estate agents are going completely mobile- working from virtual offices and performing their real estate duties remotely. Using mobile payments makes it easier, faster and much more efficient to perform business when you're on the go. 

Make payments anywhere

As mentioned above, real estate agents have become much more mobile in recent years. The lure of working from home in pajamas is too much to ignore for many agents. Other agents prefer coffee shops or other locations with internet access. The internet already makes it simple to make payments using credit cards and bank accounts, but mobile payments can be made from anywhere- driving down the road, sitting on your back porch or watching the waves roll in while you relax on the beach. 

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps bring the art of mobile payments to your fingertips. Practically every reputable service has a mobile app, and mobile payments can usually be made directly through the apps. Other mobile apps from cloud services such as Evernote can be used to upload and store financial records for easy searching and access if needed. Cloud and mobile apps often work together to make the completion of real estate tasks a much faster and simpler process.

Mobile is the future

Cloud and mobile trends have been pushing real estate technology forward for several years now, and the results have been fascinating. As mobile use excels and cloud apps are accepted by more companies and enterprises, we will see mobile payments excel. It's an added bonus to agents who have decided to migrate their real estate business to the cloud and who are performing most of their duties from mobile devices. In upcoming years, mobile finance will become much more widely accepted and may become the way most financial transactions are performed.

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