Top 4 Real Estate Trends For 2014

Virtual office

Many real estate agents have already switched to the virtual office and this number should increase in 2014. The ability to work remotely is greatly increasing efficiency and productivity. It's also a huge reduction in cost as real estate agents no longer have the costs of office space rental, storage, expensive hardware, etc. Communication can be broadcast via cloud services and video messaging. Document management can be enhanced via cloud services such as Google Drive. Transaction management can be performed using cloud services such as Basecamp. Files and documents can be scanned and stored in cloud services such as Box and Dropbox. And all of this can be accomplished from any location that has internet access.

Social media

Social media is already setting new trends for 2014. Record numbers of users are accessing these sites, and new social media sites are springing up on a constant basis. Real estate agents can connect with other agents and sources to swap information and discuss real estate trends. They can also reach out to connect to potential homebuyers.

Cloud integration

The future of cloud integration will be increasing in 2014. Cloud apps are being created and adapted by companies at a more frequent pace than recent years. Currently 86% of companies are currently using some form of cloud computing. With the surging popularity of BYOS (Bring your own Service), real estate companies find that data is flowing through, and being stored on, many different platforms. This can be a disorganized nightmare when specific files need to be found. It can also make it harder to collaborate on projects and files when real estate agents and employees or clients are using different cloud services.

cloudHQ brings cloud services together. So to keep data between multiple cloud services organized, companies can use cloudHQ to create an easily-searchable database where all the data from cloud services are directed to. cloudHQ syncs the data between cloud services automatically, and stores the data in organized folders. And if workers need to collaborate on a project or file using different cloud services, cloudHQ makes it happen.


Collaboration is a key focal point for real estate agents. They must be connected at all times, or risk losing sales and opportunities. But many times clients may not use the same cloud service that the real estate agent uses. This can make collaboration on files a time-consuming and difficult task. But cloudHQ brings cloud services together. This allows multiple people to collaborate on the same file over different cloud services. So if a real estate agent is using Google Drive and the client is using Dropbox, they can still both collaborate on the same file or document simultaneously.

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