Top 4 Ways To Keep Your Real Estate Clients Happy Using The Cloud

We already know of the many benefits that the cloud brings to real estate agents. It makes their entire workload easier and makes their business run more efficiently. But does this affect the client? What benefits can a client expect when their agent has their business based in the cloud?


By using the cloud to store and send files, this enables clients to have access to the files instantly which can establish an environment of trust and professionalism. Clients don't like waiting and in real estate, the more efficient you are at getting the process moving, the more likely you are to be successful.


One of the main keys to effectively selling multiple houses at the same time is organization. Keeping track of all those files, all that paperwork, can be a time-consuming mass of confusion. But if you use cloud services such as Evernote or Basecamp, this can keep everything organized and moving along efficiently within the transaction process.


Your clients will feel a lot better knowing that their data is secured behind powerful encryption. Security is always a concern and when dealing with confidential information and records, it's even more important that the data remains secure - and even more important - that the client feels that their data is secure.


For real estate agents on the go, communication can be a huge factor in whether a deal gets sealed or not. If phone calls, voicemails, emails, text messages and instant messages go unanswered, the client may lose faith in you as a real estate agent and your ability to take their transaction seriously. By utilizing cloud services, you practically carry a mobile office with you everywhere you go, enabling you to instantly communicate when needed. A quick reply shows the potential homebuyer that you are serious about them, that you are efficient and that you are ready to get the process moving.

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