Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Going Paperless

Going paperless holds many benefits for real estate agents on the go. Paperwork, files and important documents take up a lot of time, it's much better when they can be accessed, created, edited and shared from virtually anywhere. The move to the cloud is full of benefits and is very cost-effective but mistakes can be made.

Here are the top 5 mistakes to avoid when going paperless

Here are the top 5 mistakes to avoid when going paperless

1.      Disorganization: Stay organized no matter what cloud service you are using. Dropbox has great file/folder organization much the same as Windows folder and file system. Evernote has incredible organization for documents and small files and the best search features. Basecamp is the best project management tool available. Google Drive has a complete set of tools and services to meet any of your organizational needs.

2.      Permissions: Different cloud services have different options for setting permissions. Be sure to set permissions and monitor which users and apps can access your documents and files.

3.      Poor security: Make sure you create strong passwords, guard your passwords securely and enable any additional security features that your cloud service provider allows such as two-step authentication.

4.      Improper training: Don't allow untrained employees to access your files stored in the cloud. If the files get accidentally deleted, misplaced or corrupted, this can have serious consequences for your brokerage.

5.      Backup plan: A secure backup plan is the best service you can get when going paperless. A prominent cloud data backup service such as cloudHQ will keep your data safe by backing it up to a separate cloud storage account. This way, in case data loss were to occur (from accidental or malicious deletion, server corruption, or even if a server just goes offline for awhile) you will still have access to your data exactly as it was before the loss occurred. This can be a huge lifesaver in the real estate business as most documents are sensitive and extremely important.

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