Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Website Leads And Conversion

Distinguish yourself from the competition

You must determine what sets you apart from other realtors and use that to your advantage. Do you have a special system using tech tools that helps you complete transactions faster? How about the ability to complete transactions remotely? You can use this in your social media posts, website content, listings and videos.

Become the local expert

One of the best ways to gain success is to be the best local agent you can be. Website content and listings, videos and social media are all extremely important, but you also need to be able to control your local market. Be sure to establish yourself as the local expert in the area, know the area and make your listings stand out with plenty of local content.

Show the value up front

Every buyer wants to know what the best value for their money is going to be. Many agents try to beat around the bush when it comes to value so they can get the most money possible out of the buyer. But many buyers and investors can see right through this smokescreen and it can quickly cost you the entire sale.

SEO your way to the top

In the past 4 years, real-estate-related searches on Google have grown by 253%. And according to Google, 94% of all Google searchers do not browse past the first page of results. So you are going to have to work to get to that first page. You don't necessarily have to have the top result (although obviously this is the best spot to be in) but you do need to reach that first page. You can achieve this by using a combination of backlinks, SEO keywords, and by making sure you keep your website or blog updated frequently with fresh, unique content.

Stay in touch

As part of your system, you should have a follow-up feature such as phone calls, direct mail, email or other contact methods. You can integrate this into your task scheduler or calendar so that you don't lapse. Days of the week to follow up are important also, as a study found that Tuesday is the worst day to contact people, nearly 50% worse than the best day- Thursday.

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