Transaction Management Made Easy For Real Estate Agents

Transaction management for real estate agents can be frustrating, especially if you don't have an assistant to help you organized. There are many tools available on the internet that can help make transaction management more efficient. Basecamp, Google Drive and cloudHQ are just a few of such tools. By using these three powerful cloud services, real estate agents can take control of transaction management and become more organized, saving time and money, and ensuring that you always have access to your files no matter what happens.

How cloudHQ integrates Basecamp and Google Drive for transaction management

Basecamp is the ultimate cloud tool for transaction management. It is powerful and includes a complete set of management features that are perfect for managing transactions, no matter if they are small and simple or large and complex transactions. But it is lacking in a couple of areas—document management and collaboration. Google Drive is the perfect document management tool, as you can easily create professional documents including contracts, agreements, financial records and invoices, and much more. Then you can use cloudHQ to automatically sync your documents from Google Drive to Basecamp so that all of your transaction files are neatly stored and organized in one location. And if you need to add or revise documents, you can do this in Google Drive and cloudHQ will automatically and immediately replicate the additions or revisions to Basecamp. And if you want to add or revise project files in Basecamp, the additions and revisions will be automatically replicated to Google Drive by cloudHQ. This ensures that you will always have the most updated copy of the files in both cloud services.

This replication also creates a simple cloud backup for your transaction files. In case Basecamp is down for maintenance, you can simply log in to Google Drive and access, add or revise files. Then once Basecamp is online again, cloudHQ will automatically sync the updates from Google Drive to Basecamp. If your Basecamp (or Google Drive) account gets hacked and files get deleted, no worries. The secondary account will still contain all of the files and they can quickly be restored so that no matter what happens, you can continue working with your files uninterrupted.

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