Using Dropbox And Docusign To Quickly Sign Documents

Docusign is an easy and efficient way to sign documents including legal documents from anywhere. For the real estate agent on the go this can make life much easier as it eliminates costly, time-consuming trips back and forth from the office to do paperwork. You can even save your signature in your account so you can sign even faster. No need to fax, print, scan or perform any other inefficient methods of getting paperwork signed.

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage providers and its drag-and-drop file feature makes it perfect to integrate with Docusign as it is designed to be efficient for quick access. 

Using Dropbox and Docusign in real estate

As a real estate agent, it seems there is never enough time during the day to get everything done anyways. By integrating Dropbox and Docusign together you can at least stop worrying about how documents will get signed as it can be done in seconds from anywhere.

When a contract needs to be signed, it can be sent to them through Docusign. All transactions are encrypted so security is not an issue either. Documents can be stored in Dropbox and signed through Docusign. The process is pretty simple, you just have to import your Dropbox (or Evernote, Google Drive, or Box) account into Docusign and follow the on-screen prompts. Here is a detailed page that explains the process.

Real estate agents can take advantage of this great combination of apps that can make life easier; just one less thing to worry about during the hectic work day.

jean thrasher
3/11/2013 01:08:34 pm

3/19/2013 01:38:44 pm

I have docusign app downloaded to my phone but dropbox is not an option to upload files?


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