Using SugarSync For Document Sharing And Data Backup

SugarSync can sync all of your data from any number of computers, laptops and mobile devices. Free users get 2 GB but if that's not enough space for your real estate workings in the cloud, you can purchase their unlimited storage plan for $55 per month. SugarSync offers many functions including an admin dashboard, free live support, easy billing, collaboration on files and documents with other users, flexible sync, mobile access, 128-bit encryption and more. The remote wipe feature allows users to remotely delete files and documents from the admin dashboard. Disaster recovery offers backup, restore and sync after a hard drive crash.

SugarSync integrates with cloudHQ

For even more added security and backup options, SugarSync is compatible with cloudHQ, the leading backup and replication cloud service. CloudHQ can back up your SugarSync data to many other cloud services such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Box and more. This is extremely useful if you use SugarSync for your real estate business but your client is using another cloud service such as Dropbox. All of your files (or just specific files that you choose) can be synced from SugarSync to Dropbox and vice-versa. This is also extremely helpful in case SugarSync goes down for maintenance or other reasons, as you can quickly switch over to Dropbox or whatever other cloud service you are using, and continue working uninterrupted. Once SugarSync comes back online, it will sync with Dropbox and you will be back in business. One of the best functions of cloudHQ is that it runs silently in the background, replicating your data automatically and continuously. You can use SugarSync to protect your important documents such as contracts, legal documents and transaction reports, and then use cloudHQ to ensure that you always have access to your data and to ensure that you never suffer any data loss.

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