Using Video To Hook Real Estate Investors

Video can be a real estate agent's most influential tool, especially when dealing with out-of-the-area home-buyers. These potential clients usually like to find out as much about a property as possible before they ever set foot on it. The reason for this is that travel is expensive and time-consuming, and they don't want to waste all their time looking at properties they aren't interested in. Especially if the potential client is an investor who looks at hundreds or even thousands of listings daily and simply doesn't have time to travel to each and every one of them.

And yet, a good deal is a good deal. An investor will be more apt to examine a listing more closely if it looks like a deal to him. He may even take the time to watch a video, and this is where you can hook them. A short video, packed with information, and displaying all the positive aspects of the property can be just enough to grab their attention so they want to see more about the property. 

Highlight amenities

Your video should start out showing the front of the property if possible. A narrator- you, or a female speaker if possible, should begin speaking about the property. Use the video to demonstrate the positive aspects of the property and highlight any natural amenities such as streams, ponds, fields or even man-made amenities such as fountains, swimming pools, Gazebos, etc.

Short videos work best

Keep your video short- no more than 2-3 minutes if you can help it. Remember these investors have many other listings to look through and won't hesitate to skip over yours if the video seems too long or bores them. But if you can convince them that this is a good deal in such a short video, you are well on your way to success.

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