Why Cloud Integration And Backup Are Important For Real Estate

The surge in cloud computing and real estate has increases exponentially in recent years. As mobile and cloud trends have pushed the industry closer to remote revolution, a growing number of cloud apps have helped make the migration process simpler and quicker. Real estate agents are looking for apps and services that will increase their sales, while reducing time needed to accomplish tasks and save money at the same time. The cloud has offered up numerous services and apps that do just that. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best cloud apps for real estate, and why cloud integration and cloud backup are so important for real estate.

Cloud apps for real estate

Cloud computing has helped revolutionize the real estate industry and mobile cloud apps have been a large part of that surge. Many real estate agents have made the migration to the cloud and ditched the paper office and long hours for a virtual office from their laptop and mobile devices, allowing them to work from practically any location that has internet access. These virtual offices are comprised of an array of cloud apps including Evernote, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, and many others. These apps offer real estate agents useful features including document creation and management, communication, note-taking, to-do lists, organization, file sharing, file and document storage, and much more.

Cloud integration

Cloud integration between apps is important, and even critical in many processes. Yet, many cloud providers do not offer the ability for users to integrate between various cloud apps and services. So integration must be provided by third-party cloud services, and the leading cloud integration manager is cloudHQ.

The cloudHQ service allows users to integrate various cloud services that otherwise would be incompatible with each other. So for instance, let's say you want to use Dropbox, but you need the files to be available in Box, Google Drive or SkyDrive (or all three simultaneously). CloudHQ acts as the glue that bonds these cloud apps together and synchronizes files between them. So if you add a file to Dropbox, cloudHQ instantly replicates it to Box, SkyDrive, Google Drive or all three! Same with revisions to existing files- the changes are instantly replicated. And cloudHQ works with many other cloud services as well. Not only that, but cloudHQ works automatically and runs in the background, so all file replication is instantaneous- there is no manual replication (unless you choose to enable that option) and the file replication is performed without any disruption to the user. 

Cloud backup

Data loss is a huge area of concern for real estate agents, as their data must not only stay intact, but there must be high availability at all times. If data is lost, deleted, misplaced or unavailable for any reason, this can cause problems for agents, especially when they are in the process of closing a deal. This is why cloud backup is so important to real estate agents. Similar to the cloud integration process described above, the cloudHQ cloud backup process replicates data from one cloud service to another. This secondary cloud account acts as a backup account, and all authentication, user names, passwords, email addresses, etc. should be completely separate from any other company accounts. So if data is deleted or unavailable due to human error, malicious hacking, employee revenge, wrongful ToS violation accusation, or other reason, there is always a secondary copy of all the data- saved and organized in the same structure as the original cloud account. So if data suddenly becomes unavailable, a simple login to the secondary account will grant you access to all of the data instantly.

The possibility of losing files and documents such as contracts, transaction documents, legal documents and other important files can be devastating to real estate agents. The time required to replace these documents, if that's even possible, can be weeks or even months. Transactions, sales and leads can all disappear during this time. Be sure to use cloud backup to protect your important, confidential and sensitive data in the cloud by using cloudHQ.

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